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xarry2 explains you how to select tables playing the short stack strategy on NL $10 and how to play against other SSS players.


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  • banditba2009


    Good video, you have a nice bankroll ;)
  • Sinnology


    I will watch this few more times, to catch up everything you are talking about.
    Great stuff.
  • Brisco


    isnt that quite a few times too tight? min 08:55 for example folding a7 in sb when u have a sss player in the bb with 1.75$ i would basically bet there every time.
  • xarry2


    Hi Brisco! At that point I was also wondering wether to steal or not. From an advanced players point of view this is a decent stealing spot. However - since this video is directed to bronze members - I decided against stealing. The hand is problematic since most beginners have difficulties reacting correctly to a resteal or a call. In case of a resteal you need to know about pot odds and equity in order to decide for a call or not. And if you get a call A7o has a bad playability since we are often dominated and there's nothing like drawing potential. However, after you have observed and classified your opponent for a while and come to the conlcusion he is really a tight SSS-Player this hand (as well as many others) can be stealed.
  • laimonas123


    Very good video.
  • peanutter


    Loved the content in the video. Introductions to more advanced topics were really nice.
  • redmeat


    very nice video!
  • NoSyMe


    Very nice video. Definetely learned some useful stuff.

    Keep it up :)


    xarry, do you have video feedback forum? Thanks


    At 10.42, did he fold 88 pre-flop ?? on the bottom right table ??
  • vlatkomitevski


    I think that the AJ on the BU with a min rise from UTG1 (big stack) was bad play! Hi rise a marginal hand before and also in this case hi show 98! Can you explain this move?