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    Wow, you run good! :)
    Nice video. I found myself wanting to hear you talk about some of the hands you folded and why you folded them, and possibly why you shove with 95o into 1 guys BB, but limp A6s into another's... where you didn'e even consider the shove as a possibility... and possibly not 10 minutes about why to c-bet behind with KK on an A high flop, meanwhile missing some interesting decisions on other tables... but I honestly only mean that as feedback, not a complaint. Overall I found it a very useful video, and I like the way you explain how you don't focus on the results, only the decisions. It's something I don't do very well, and despite knowing it, it helped to hear you very calmly say it after getting sucked out on (although I guess it's easier to say when you've been running like god until that point, I'm not sure, I can't remember the last time I ran good!) ;)
  • steinek


    Thank you a lot for your feedback. If you tell me the spots exactly with the time we can still talk about them, here in the comments.
    In the video there is just limited time and I have to find a mixture of deeper analysis and not missing too much hands.
    But we have the comments so we can use the chance to go on discussing here, so feel free to do so.
  • Tightisright


    nice vid but why didn't you push K7s BL at 27:20?
    I like the AQ-overcall.
  • zh171


    nice vid as always: min 17 A6s hand. i would have pushed it. Raise doesn't make much sense, because of possible repushs. Call doesn't make much sense because of the same argument and he can repush a lot here and you would have to fold. The push is a bit marginal because of the 15BB but still the best solution, I think.
  • DecMate


    nice vid, thanks for going so deep into analysis as it helps me get a feel for what a good player thinks, and why he thinks it. Nice suck out on the 2 pair guy (he had 10 3, you hit ace on turn an hit another on river) haha :D
    all the best, hope you do more!
  • steinek


    @3: The Nashrange only begins at K9s and with the very deep player behind me who has already shown that he is willing to go broke quite loosely I definitely don't want to do close pushes being in second position.
    @4: You can already push this hand. However, somewhere there has to be a border so we do not start pushing very deep because these pushes just risk a lot for winning little. And playing postflop against a player, you see an edge against with such a hand is nice as well, even oop. Most of the time he has nothing and I can just steal the pot on the flop having only invested 2BB instead of 15. So both lines are possible and I mix them up.
  • 1Blackknight


    Nice vid!!
    Where did you learn this lucky run??
    This is the only thing what missing my play :D
  • steinek


    @7: This is a reward of When being active in the community for quite a while they tell the sites to be friendly ;)
    So keep on learning and I promise you success!
  • steIIstuI


    so in the early phase you o/r 4bb and as the blinds go to 25-50 you make it 2.5 bb. I could try this. i am more like a 3bb raise 1 per limper all the time
  • steinek


    Usually I switch to 3BB with 25/50 blinds and to 2,5BB when they are 50/100.
    This still creates a lot of FE since the absolute amount of chips is essential in comparison to the stacks, makes your steals cheaper and gives you more room to play after the flop.
  • huhuhuhu


    wow at 21:55.. the flop looks fortunate, the turn looks unfortunate and the river looks fortunate.. otherwise very nice video. very in-depth explanations.
  • ukuomandus


    Hi, thank you for a nice video. I like the reasoning behind the AQ-overcall at 31:10 on bottom leht table. However, I don't know the rules applying to that situation: if the big stack (initial raiser) wins the hand, and both of the other players (who both are all in) are out, which player becomes the third?
  • 6thsenSe


    First of all, I really liked your vid, you explained everything in detail and played everything really well in my opinion.

    But I was a bit confused in 2 situations:

    Minute 17:35 you instafold A8o on the button without any explanation? I guess that was a mistake because this would normally be a steal, right?

    Minute 24:50 you fold A6s in the CO, why don't you steal here? They will fold a lot and if you get a call you can play the hand IP in most cases and with a nice post flop edge on these players this play should be quite profitable I think.

  • dicekeyrollz


    About the A6 topic that dominated the 20:00 - 30:00 area, did I miss the part where we analyze the pre-flop play on the SB? Coz I would agree with zh171 with the push. It's good pressure on the BB, makes sure that worse hands don't play and suck out on us, and could even make better hands fold (hands like A7-A10).

    Could you please address this hand a little more?
  • dicekeyrollz


    Also at around 34:00 I noticed on the top right hand with 75o you completed the blind in heads-up, only to get shoved all-in with no choice but to fold. Is this standard play in heads up situations?
  • PolloBarajas


    nice video
  • sojowyjarz


    omg guy is talking 5 minut why did he made cbet.