NL $10 FR Live Video - Part I

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  • NL BSS
  • $10
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FullTilt Live Video

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  • Just4bet


    Nice agresiv play. What kind of stats you use? I now seen how can i improve my TAG play. I have question is it ok to make a move against limpers with mediocre hand?
  • ge5sterne


    It depends on the table dynamics, the villians behind you, the hand, your postflopskills and a lot of things ;)

    If you want to precise your question you can add me on skype or post in the forums :) my nick is stazlyrixx
  • Dandiiik


    you played for 30 minutes and you got AA and KK many times, if not, you made strong hands with other playable hands, it is very easy to make profit when you are that lucky, I usualy dont get strong hole cards and if, somebody else has something stronger. the element of luck is also important :)
  • ge5sterne


    It's not important to get good cards alone. It's about making the best of every situation and avoiding mistakes while exploiting your opponent's errors :)
  • Dandiiik


    yeah I know this, I have read pokerstrategy articles many times. I play absolutely according to these articles (SSS,SNG and BSS) and I am not able to make some profit. I am already upset and sad about this because I play correct and I just dont have any luck. I am lucky in love but not in games at all :D
  • Just4bet


    ge5sterne i have a question. What is best move against very LAG player, is it ok to isolate him immediate, but when he call 15/20 times then is it right move Cbet on the flop? How to react to re-raise in most cases on the flop?
  • ge5sterne


    Your questions depend very much on the opponent and the overall situation. In general isolation itself is a very profitable move. especially on lower stakes many limpers play limp/call rather than limp/raise and tend to fit or fold postflop.

    If an opponent reraise you on the flop you have to evaluate the board texture and Villians possible Range of hands based on that board texture and his Stats or Reads you might have.
  • Just4bet


    Tnx for answer, now waiting for part 2
  • Gangstahhh


    a read for you
    if you have a normal hand you raise 3 times bb and if you have a strong hand you raise pot so 3,5 bb

    see kings at 16:50
    and aces on 8:00
    and aces on 24:35
    only the kings on minute 25 speaks against me
    not everytime but a lot

    and i really dont like the push with a-9 suited because he's a short stack and his opening rang has to be pretty tight and there was only 50 cents to win and 1,95 to lose or 28% win 1,9
    dont look ev to me

    good vid
  • Gangstahhh


    and that shove on minute 51 i learn from that i never thought on that he thinks its a stupid river too!
  • MaCe90


    Great video! Keep it up!
  • Vaiden


    На первом столе Киреев играет))Тренировка или тоже вод,никто не знает??
  • zombieautopilot


    Тоже обратил на это внимание :)
  • slavushechka


    o fu** i just timed out -) eto bylo zestko
  • DaveWalliams


    On your bottom right table you are playing with antes. How does that affect your decisions preflop / post flop? Presumably, it gives you greater implied odds??
  • DaveWalliams


    ....(cont.) Does it loosen up your range to steal raise with?
  • DaveWalliams


    Sorry one more question: bottom right table ~46mins.
    Villan calls the 3 bet, board comes A 4 6 (2 diamonds). I'm interested in your take on his reasons for possibly checking his ace to you because you would c bet ~100% of your range.

    A: If he did this is his next move a raise to protect against the flush both pos completing your hand / killing his action?

    B: I only play NL5 BSS. I would have thought most players at this level would bet the ace to protect it and for value. Is this a mistake on my part or would players only think to check the ace (per your reasoning) at this slightly higher level than NL5?
  • ge5sterne


    @dave: Yes on Ante Tables ou can and should loosen up your stealingrange, since there is more deadmoney to be won Preflop already (and more accumulated Deadmoney once we get called). It does not give you greater Implied Odds, because the Stacksizes are not affected by the ante but it gives you greater direct odds on you first-in Actions Preflop. Other Actions like calling a raise will as usual depend on Villains Raisesize.

    Regarding the QQ Hand on the Axx board I agree with you, that many random players on NL5/10 are capable of leading out here on the flop (for different reasons than, say a NL400 Player). It is tough to make a good decision in that spot without any reads on the opponent. If we call the Flop, the Turnbet will most likely be AI for around Potsize. But should we call the Flop to fold the Turn if we don't know if Villian continues with his bluffs or not? It sounds a little dicy in a 3Bet-Pot and although folding seems weak as I said in the video it certainly wouldn't be the worst play and especially on these stakes a decent default. It is important to note his line with 99 in that spot, because it is a very useful read of course.
  • hypertyper


    Not sure the comments are working since there aren't any. We'll see. I like the vid so far but folding QQ against the fish on the river against a pot size bet I really don't understand. We've checked twice so he can have all sorts of crap and think we busted on a possible draw. Don't you think he would have bet the A on the turn?
  • ge5sterne


    He does not necessarily have to bet Ax on the turn. His wide preflop range certainly contains many weak Aces (mostly suited I suppose) and with TPNK many players will be inclined to play potcontrol in the turn, rather than go for thin value and a free SD.

    His line is pretty obviously a hand with some SD-Value to it (plus the only reasonable draw got there). I don't expect a fish to turn a weak made hand into a bluff, especially given that our line is weak and he will oftentimes just be able to win at SD with a hand like middle pair. Hence his range for betting the River contains very little bluffs (maybe a busted Gutshot at times, but very rarely), and his Valuerange is TP or better and beats us. We won't fold out TP by c/r and the only other alternative to c/f on the River is b/f for (very) thin value. Weaker hands will rarely call a bet on this board again I suppose and I think the weak line against this opponent is alright in this spot
  • Fagin


    thanks for the very interesting video - glad to see I'm not the only one who makes mistakes while playing ( timing out when I want to bet etc lol)
  • gurrrd


    hey what program you use to follow stats
  • heelia


    I think, it's HEM - Holdem Manager ;)
  • darhem


    (49.33) nice bluff bet on the river when you have a 9. That low value bet on the river really exposed his hand.
  • DaveWalliams


    @ge5 Thanks for your explanations they are very helpful
  • Zervin311


    Vn play with the ace nine
  • patryk1


    nice video :) thanks
  • yukpoker


    04:50 - fold really ?
  • pporsche


    Tendo em conta toda a jogada é um movimento perfeitamente normal. Embora como sabes, nestes limites qq jogador desse o call.

    Paulo "pporsche" Moreira
  • slcoric


    when i saw that u went with A9 preflop all in i stop watching the video :)
  • kroszo


    good video but your attention paying to the timeouts destroys everything..
  • c4lyps0


    yeah, going broke with A9 against an obvious sss player (he had 7/7 stats after all) was really bad. the best we could hope for there was 77,88 and a coinflip.

    I also didn't like that the author theorized about what he would do in this or that situation instead of dealing with what was happening at the tables right there. Like that QQ hand at the end. What's the point of telling us you'd check behind, if you can't after your opponent lead 2/3 into you already. And then you time out. Nicely done.

    Maybe you should play fewer tables when you record VODs...
  • dianacornelisse


    Ik dacht zelf 3bb te zien op de CO en Button en 3.5bb utg+mp pos
  • andrej239


    this video doesnt work???
  • ge5sterne


    It works for me, do u have the latest Browser and Flash Player versions installed?
  • SadJohn88


    Жека вездессушь;)
  • furlan76


    DO THESE PEOPLE MAKING THESE VIDEOs HAVE ANY CREDENTIALS TO THINK OF BEING ABLE TO TEACH POKER? have you ever played proper poker and not only micro/low stakes? just curiosity
  • psydreamer


    40:30 top left u fold 9 high straight
  • ge5sterne


    Well any T beats me and I get very bad odds on the call. Villian was pretty tight so far and he would have to be bluffing rather often in order to make this a profitable call. It's a sample math excercise and question of coming up with a realistic range for his shove. I believe the call is very marginal without any reads on Villian and the fold probably a good option here.
  • musabasjoo


    Really good video. Some vids at 6max would be cool.
    One question...
    Don't you think your shove at 49:39 is a little border line, especially seeing as you aren't too familiar with the opponent? Surely when the flush and straight get there, it hits the villains range quite well. I know you mentioned you can get a weak 2 pair to fold here, but surely when he bets 3 streets (which all look to be for value in his mind) there is a concern he isn't folding 90% of his made hands on the river, especially considering his stats?
  • ge5sterne


    Well I felt and still feel that his range for betting three times in this spot certainly doesn't contain much air. But his betsizing on all streets was such, that I didn't give him credit for a hand stronger than Twopair. Once I shove this river after I called two streets my range looks incredibly strong and it's very hard for me to have air here, unless I turned a weak made hand into a bluff. I'm sure even players who can't handread well will realize that the flush is the major part of the range which I'm represinting and will be able to get away from their weak twopairs and possibly even Jx sometimes
  • 2phil4u


    I nearly ever would be the same, but one he has to thought. The mini 1 Dollarbet in the one timeouthand, many fishes valuebet so little and often my aggresion here was against me.
    So this one hand i dont feel so good to bluff with over 150 BB total.
  • JohhnyKid


    hy,nice vid!

    why open from UTG with 22?
    (min 32.10 -bottom right table)
  • sosidek


    why you did not play suited connectors at all ? ip or oop
    and i think that it is somtimes o.k to just limp with baby pairs to get in a lot of limpers and win a set what you say about this strategy ?
  • ge5sterne


    @44: I don't mind playing good suited connectors IP. I would not openlimp with these SCs or smal pairs though. I would rather raise/isoraise in order to accumulate some deadmoney and gain the initiative. If there are a bunch of limpers in the pot already I will definitely limp behind with some speculative hands such as 76s, 22 etc.
  • allAces4me


    Cool vid. I saw many spots I have trouble with and you gave some good ideas for them. I tend to be too weak on the turn so I have learned quite a few things here. Very well done.
  • MancaMulas


  • MancaMulas