NL $25 SH Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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Session Review

Comments (7)

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  • vhallee


    enjoy the video!
  • RoundMidnight


    Well need to say maybe,One bad thing what i see in all hasenbraten videos is that it's too many spots in PostFlop where he let's say flop top pair or overpair, make a c-bet and opponent just folds.Then he says "it's not much to say about this"
    but i think it is.Would be very nice if he would always tell a plan what he might do ,if the hand depelov in harder way,because that NO action hands without explanatios just didint worth much and just teach pretty much nothing.For me best videos in silver section is not live ones like"how to play overpairs" and "way ahead way behind".would be nice to see more of this "not live" ones, like how to play top pair hands vs raise on the flop or turn,or how to play siuted conectors.
  • budzior


    very nice video, thanks.
  • moeb1us


    hut ab für deinen aktiven wortschatz braten. nutzung von "widish" und so. gutes vid. chapeau ;)
  • moeb1us


    just saw the squeeze 4bet-bluff /w Q9 .. wow imho this play is quite rare on nl25. maybe 1) he is a russian? 2) knew you?
  • antonin87


    nice video i would say..standart situations for me too
    i liked the nice flush 9 high floped and villains hillarious AI with pair of K and 2 kicker..nice payout there :D
    looking for more seems no one is really recording anything new SH lately on micros..peace
  • riskcore