MTT $215 - Sundy Million Sessionreview - Part 4/4

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $215
  • Fullring
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PokerStars Session Review

Comments (14)

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  • CBFunk


    Viel Spaß beim Schauen
  • budzior


    Good 4 minutes.
  • fabi8913


    Nice vid like always Jonathan!
    i got a question:
    min 18 : u call his minreraise with 22. Would u fold to a push on a flop of for example 3 4 7 oder 3 3 7 ?
    You get better than 2:1. Would u call or always put him an an overpair and fold?
  • Brisco


    i can only see the first 4 minutes sadly but that hand already raises questions. i dont see why u wouldnt bet turn and river. i like your explanations but that just seems a bit to weak if he had a stronger hand he wouldve tried to get more chips in the pot already so i see you in front definitely most of the times and for that the pot is pretty small.
  • Chreide


    Min 14:
    You get AKs beeing SB.
    It ´s folded to you, why don ´t you play limp push against the BB?

    I mean, if you complete with 13 BB or so, in my opinion, he ´s raising / pushing there a ton of hands...
  • cohkka


    wer kennt sie nicht, die sundy million?
  • Carty


    sick ending :(
  • cAmPiZZ0R


    geht btw auch um's warmup :X
  • Lasso


  • Wills


    as you said you dont want to call the push when you 3bet KTo ip (I obv wouldnt be happy if he pushes too) but you have to call...therefore I dont like that 3bet risking a ton of your stack with KT because you are very often dominated when he pushes (min21)
  • KingIdo87


    Thank you for a great video.
  • krason


    "Sundy Million" wtf; nice 4 mins. anyway! like the way you played the AKo hand.
  • JonathanLittle


    The 22 hand is rough. I would probably just fold all flops that I dont hit a set or straight draw.

    As for the KT, once I reraise I have to call the push, as I would be getting good odds, even though im not too happy about it. You could obv just fold preflop though.

    With the AKs, I tend to just raise from the sb with all my decent hands, as once you limp, you lose the hand some % of the time and if you push, you either get it in good, or win the blinds, both of which arent bad.
  • PaulDias


    A great tournament...Bad luck too be busted with the rockets..