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FullTilt Live Video

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  • FONS7


    Hey, ein coach der english sprechen kann.

    nice vid!!
  • RahXephon1


    Loved the video, very clear commentary and a lot of content.
  • Schmitten


    I lol'd when you called a minraise bluff with A high on the river and thought you had a straight at 23:40.
    Sometimes 4 tables give a bit too much action when you explain your thoughts about your opponents ranges.
    But anyway: nice vid.
  • KingIdo87


    Very good video! thank you.
  • Ninjai


    Min 11:30
    UL - I don't like the 3bet there, since you'll be 4bet so often in COvsBU and therefore I like the playability postflop way too much to just use it for a 3bet. Obviously, you would like to balance your 3betting range there, as you cannot always just flat call SC either but I guess your 3bets are polarized there anyway by 3betting trash or Ax/Kx hands a whole lot of the time.

    Min 13
    BL - AQ as you mentioned should always be a bet, not because worse hands would call, but just to not give any freecards and protect your pot equity.

    Min 15
    I like the explanation as to the cbet with TT. First of all, you're right you take it down way too often to check and second your cbetting-range is that polarized already that you hardly have any checking range on that flop tbh.

    Min 18
    BL AT - the betsizing story: true for regs but for fish?

    Min 22:30
    BL KQ - I guess you could easily bet even smaller here on the turn, as you'll be able to easily shove the river anyway, plus, he would never bluff there by c/r and he won't hardly have any c/c range there most of the time.

    Min 26
    BL QQ - How about mixing 3bets and calls? Would you always 3bet AA there vs the nit as well? I think polarizing and balancing your cc-range there vs UTG is a good pro for a call sometimes as well.

    Min 32
    BL - 96s vs the sqz. I believe BB knows that SBs calling range is pretty weak tbh, at least with regard to cc/4bet. Your range is wide as well as you mentioned (~40%
    BU), so he has a pretty profitable squeeze spot with almost any2, except for he knew SB was capable of cc/4bet vs a BU 1st in.

    Min 39
    BR - ATs: really like the explanation and agree 100%.

    Min 47
    UL - AJo: I think your fast check might be way of a tell. Wouldn't you consider donking here ever with a part of your range as bluff e.g. to balance your donk/3bet etc. Consider what you said to raising the A high board with KQs on the BU: that might be turned around when it comes to ranges, perceived ranges, donks and donk-raises, what do you think?

    All in all a really good video again. Finally some good content coming up!
  • Sim87


    First off thx for the feedback guys :)

    @ schmitten: I just reviewed it because I thought that was impossible haha, but you're right I misread the board there. Thats actually pretty awesome and he must have felt owned like crazy lol

    @ ninjai:
    - min 18 AT: when playing against fishes, all that matters is what you think will get called by thin value hands and what amount makes him fold these hands. the balancing aspect is only true for regs, thats totally true.

    - min KQ: I agree. I actually hated my betsize when I first reviewed the video, its indeed WAY too big

    - min 26 QQ: this can be a call sometimes esp. when theres a fish in the bigblind. I'd call JJ here almost every time, with QQ I think I go for a 3bet around 80% of the time.

    - min 47 AJo: I don't think I give away too much with my timing there. However, donking is also fine. One thing to keep in mind there is to not be results oriented, his bettingrange in that spot will definitely be wider than his callingrange to a donkbet.
    But yeah, leading isn't that bad since I probably should be leading a wide range there on such a board.
    The only risk in leading is that we will be overrepping our hand on various turncards, on the other side its a more profitable way to bluff compared to a c/raise.
    Long story short, both checking and leading are fine there imo.
  • stylus20


    great vid as always. really like your style and i guess i have to book you for some coachings in the next weeks.
  • patatepowa


    LOL you know you only had Ace high on the minraise bluff, but you though u had a straight xD
  • patatepowa


    alos dont you prefer flatting with KQo most of the time when IP especially against a reg, so you cans tay hahead of his range and play a likely TPGK IP.
  • ronekinky


    23min A7 hand is a little funny.. you mistakenly think you "rivered a straight" and betcall with A high =)
  • juma1987


    wow, how lucky was minute 23!?
    You say you have a straight at that time and call a minraise on the river with A-high and and he has bluffed K-high...
  • juma1987


    nice video for the rest though