PLO $100 SH Session Review - Part I

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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FullTilt Session Review

Comments (5)

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  • aimbotcash


    way to tight.
  • suitedeule


    Preflop or postflop? You are probably just commenting on the first 4 minutes, right?

    Another thing concerning the video:
    It's definitely not the best session I have ever played, results and play wise but I thought this would make it an even better one to review and comment on.
    Please keep that in mind while watching. If I'm not satisfied w/ my play in the video I will (hopefully) correct that and point out the "right" way to play it.

    thx ;)
  • Atarax


    Nice video, really interesting.

    Just one question :

    At 49:00 , with your AQ74 double suited, how would you play the hand if vilain raises you flop ? And also, how would you play the hand if the flop was the same but 2c2sTc (because you've only got Q high flush draw then). Thanks ;)
  • suitedeule


    Glad you liked it ;)

    If he raises me on the flop I probably just go with my hand and stick it in.
    If my read is right and he really is TAG (Im 90% sure on that) he does not have a whole lot of 2s in his range. Also he is probably slowplaying TT in this spot (i mean... theres really no reason to raise other than that a turned flush might kill his action from overpair type of hands)
    I have 47% equity against a T w/ a flushdraw which makes up a huge part of his raising range on this flop and still 20% against a random T so bet/folding is not possible (imo ;) )
    With the Q high flushdraw its a different story and Im probably bet/folding here because Im not dominating so many flushdraws.
  • suitedeule


    I meant to write "a random 2" in my response earlier ;)