MTT $215 - Sunday Million Session Review - Part I

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PokerStars Session Review

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  • Wills


    I think your A9 calldown at min 9 is ok because his range is pretty polarized but its not standard because you just got no read about your opponent
    you were speaking about some players folding many boards with top pair when they got an aggressive image, but you kinda got tp no kicker and even dont know if villain noticed you as an aggrassive player
    I also dont understand why you are blaming that Icey guy afterwards because he didnt bet the flop seems you are nearly always looking at the hands in a vacuum, but you should regard things like metagame more I guess
    in Iceys position I wont cbet close potsize too, because I just wont do it as a bluff AND he has to think with what hands you can pay him off, and there is nearly zero hands you would stack him off (big aces you would reraise pre, with raggy aces he cant expect you to go broke postflop)
    u were going to c/c 3barrels if he bets bigger@flop/turn and go broke there? really dont like it

    otherwise fairly nice video and greetings to the crazy cat :)
  • Rolo23


    i don't like the A9 river call, he just has to give you an ace there and his bet looks to me like valuetowning you, in fact I think he often got AJ-AK there too
  • OrcaAoc


    Hi Jonathan,
    Thanks for the continous production of high quality MTT Videos, its really appreciated.

    I think two hands are especially interesting and I would like to discuss them a little further.

    First is the A9 hand already mentioned by Wills. I think in one of your last Videos you talked about the small bet, small bet, big bet line as being a overly tricky fish-line with a big hand. With that in mind it looks like kind of contradictionary to make the rivercall to me.

    I found the last hand with the pair of nines flushdraw against several opponents pretty tricky. As an omaha player I would have been afraid of the situation one guy having the straight and another having the higher flushdraw leaving us with zero equity with a zillion of chips put in. Of course in hold them the situation is pretty unlikely but you did give the player raising a lot of credit, so I didnt understand why from your point of view the situation wasnt even close when you play against one player who can easiely have the nuts and the minor danger of being totally toast against two players.
  • Paulemann36


    Basically the guys before posted what I wanted to say, so I can only add the following: I like your videos, I like your explanations, and I surely like your cat. Thx Jonathan, keep up the good work!
  • Leito99


    i wish so much that i could watch this video :D
  • Wills


    @2 3 I dont think this Icey-guy is a fish (didnt see major mistakes by him) but I also see his ranged very polarized by his betting sizes, so like I said the rivercall is quite OK in my opinion...but he even could be good enough to overbet the river with AK/AQ to balance his range and then your callind down is really bad

    hope jonathan is giving some feedback here!
  • Kaitz20


    as usualy very informing and good.
  • JonathanLittle


    Looking back, I do think the river is a fold, especially assuming icey is decent. I do agree the smallbet/smallbet/bigbet/ is usually a strong hand. Here, I supposed I just leveled myself into thinking incorrectly.
    As for the 96s hand, I simply think you have too much fold equity to do anything besides push in this spot. Sometimes you will be in an awful spot but really, none of the players in the hand actually have to have anything.
  • Jackalof


    First of all, incredible insights as always.
    Second of all, two requests:

    1) Tell us more about your cat (I'm a cat maniac) (and btw throwing up means you should buy some grass seeds for the cat. Pour water on seeds and the grass will grow in three days time. It will help to clean the hairballs in cat's guts).

    2) Please talk more about getting max value out of made hands (like the 33 the villain had and hit his set and lost some value against you). Talk about max value every hand please :) It's just mind blowing. After your insights, I feel so bad I want to give up poker ;) Thank god I play Omaha, where skill does not matter :P
  • OrcaAoc


    In the 96s hand the guy who raised did it after one player raised and another player called in a 4 way-pot. So personally I would give him quite a bit of credit to have at least TP TK. He will fold AJ and a weak two pair probably. All other holdings he will most likely call. Since there is also a small probability one of the other players wakes up with a big hand I would think you have FE something like 20% of the time. Am I too pesimistic here or is that enough FE to make the shove profitabel ? I guess im still confused about that spot.
  • SinPek


    Big one!
  • SinPek


    Madre mía la tal marianna vaya fish... Lo estoy disfrutando. ;) Gracias por no mandarnos a la comunidad inglesa a ver estas joyas ;)
  • Puscherbilbo


    I really like the fact, that you talk about interesting hands you weren´t involved in. Some other guys could follow your example.
  • Puscherbilbo


    on minute 2:10 you say that you squeeze with hands that are not good enough to call with. So you call SCs, S1Gapper, Pockets but Squeeze wit Ax, big pockets and some suited crap?
  • Kogtistiy


    =^..^= ;)
    Good video, informing commentary on the play, hand reading, etc. :)
  • falou333


    nice video @40 min

    i dont understand u push , its right u have a good equity but if are going to be called only with the hand who beat u and his raise is more likely to be the nuts than a draw , he should only call with a draw
  • Takeiteazy


    Great video, part 2 please :)
  • BrunoPheliipe


    dps do call que ele deu com A9 em um flop 4 A 3 4 J e perder mais de 67 por cento da stake dei insta closed -'-
  • SantaFanta


    Thanks for video!
  • Bender93



    Lol he was not drawing dead,he was waiting for one more ace and queen to come :)
  • flopallin


    Exactamente aos 9:30min. de video essa mão =)

    Full de 3 | 4

  • PokerPetrO


    There was a situation, when you had about 7000 chips and put about 2000 into the pot preflop saying that it's a good situation to earn something or fold, hitting nothing of the flop and enter push-or-fold phase.
    Though when another guy also had 8k chips and called 2k - you said that it was the worst of decisions.
    Is it all about the initiative?

    Sorry, if the question is silly - I'm quite a newbie :)
  • jokin4party


    @falou si tu repasses par la,sache que chaque communauté a son propre espace commentaires pour chaque video,
    voilà tu peux poser tes question à jonathan fais le sur la page anglaise pour pouvoir avoir des réponses
  • DrCheiz


    Ужасный кол ривера с A9o...
  • KKoen3


    Nice vid really useful.

    One question:
    Why do give him a free river when you had ATos in the BB?

    You get checkraised and then checked to you again on the turn. It doesn't look really strong he could do it with some fancy gutshot or improve to two pair when het checkraised a weird 7. Then you'll end up with VB the river and get raised again. So why not fire the turn again?
  • clawindsouza


    thanks a lot...learnt that i used to play WAYYYY too tight which is why i never really made it close to the FT:) i knew i was playing tight but i never knew which hands to raise with and how to play them....this video helped me a lot:) thanks
  • JonathanLittle


    Calling off 25% of your stack usually isnt great unless the situation is just perfect. Being the aggressor though, you can get away with it because you have many more ways to win the pot than to just hit the flop, like when you just call preflop.
  • JonathanLittle


    If he has a weak hand, he will probably checkfold the turn, which does me no good because I want to give him a chance to bluff the river. If he has the nuts, it lets me get away cheap, as he will just bet the river and I will just call. This is a pretty standard spot where I am either way ahead or way behind. In those spots, you usually want to get to the river before valuebetting. Also, if he does have a draw and hits, it will only cost me a small amount on the river.
  • luckymoron1


    чегото мне не верится что это МТТ за $215 моронская игра
  • kran773


    Извините конечно, но я посмотрел 4 минуты и не выдержал, ну они реально мороны!
  • mishupkr


    very nice play, i want to see more mtt strategy videos
  • Cardbender


    nice video, A few spots were odd, 26s steal attempt and when you mentioned 48s was ok to raise there etc.. Also in that situation where you pushed with AJo wouldn't a raise be better considering his previous min raise may have been garbage and the second min raise could easily been a disguised monster etc... Great video thanks very much!
  • JonathanLittle


    People dont minraise air then minraise with monsters. They simply arent thinking that much in my opinion.
  • MillionWinner


    во многом идиотская игра
  • MrKlava


    В отличии от нас у него 150К$ профита)))И играет он норм кстати..
  • igorfrons


    ennek a videónak hol van a folytatása?
  • matel17


    Thanks for the video! Enjoyed it very much! Say hi to the cat for me :D
  • mko101


    Why don't you let ppl with silver to watch your videos? One of the best videos of MTT on PS and I can't even watch it.
  • MauroA


    where is part II??
    is it comming soon?
  • Azad79


    Hope for part II
  • ZZZany


    Hi, I found the KTd shove at 21:55 is quite risky due to your position. The initial raiser will surely fold as you said but you still have 20BB to risk with 5 players behind...
  • nnssoonn


    Really nice! Cant find Part 2 tho
  • Nitara


    Where is part II?
  • AdamLaw33


    tks Aaron,

    another goodwatch.. I too really like insight into interesting hands whether they are urs or not.. #2 please..
  • Bankluck


    посмотрел и офигел как народ на СМ фишует жаль не могу его играть)
  • fruitcake1


    just want to say putting part 1 in Basic and part 2 in Gold seems kinda cheap.
    I dont understand?
    this is the only real MTT video avaibleto us?
    sng's aren't mtt's according to your shc's?
  • Domenicus11


    he flops the nutSSSSSSSSS
  • DarkNeo1


    lol,he's born in 86 so he wont fold,so basically your saying young players are bad,lmao!!!! your reads suck
  • DarkNeo1


    it does amaze me to see how bad some players are tho even at these stakes,love the 50bb shove utg...DOH
  • DarkNeo1


    WEEEEE suckout on the nutz,i like the push tho,sik situation
  • JonathanLittle


    Looking back, I do think the KTs push is a bit risky just because of our position. I would still push here sometimes but probably not every time.

    As for young players being calling stations, they are, in general. Being a calling station is not bad in mtts. When I play live mtts though, the young guys are the fish, for the most part, simply because they think you are supposed to 3bet or fold every hand and they cant keep a solid poker face. Clearly though, all young players arent bad.
  • fruitcake1


    You need more Bronze MTT videos.
  • Harnas31


    waiting for part 2
  • Harnas31


    waiting for part 2


    i think that he supused that you called with Ax and he wont push, he only play with a metagame...
  • churchilland


    i thought you died at 24:00 :D
  • figgo


    lol,this looks like a 2$ buy-in mtt...people are so bad...OMG
  • lexy655


    thanx, got some good ideas
  • Gnillperker


    Dunno about some of the hands He plates bit regardless a great vid. Thats how its done basically
  • Gnillperker


    *plays *but