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  • habeichja


    First Half looks quit good so just two Spots with questions...

    min22 with 99 whats about raise/fold against fullstacks and raise call against the mid/not fullstack guy?

    cause call donk looks very weak i guess. but your marginal overpair is not so strong. maybe the call is better...

    the fold with AKo i think was the right choice when you put him to the tight range kk but why 4betting 29 and not 27$
  • aciddrop


    With the 99 hand, I think 4bet/getting it in preflop was the best play there.

    The 3bettor was someone who you weren't scared of, for good reason I think. The first caller was the guy who has already posted UTG on a short handed table, called an iso raise OOP, and check/folded to the small bet on the flop, so his call was likely as not dead money. The fish who cold calls the 3bet is cream, so going broke pre here can't be wrong. IMO.

    Pretty much last hand against the short stack, where you isoraise with 77. He has never called your cbets previously, so when he calls here, he always has a 9 or T, and never folds. You can save some BB there IMO.
  • celik2204


    4bet/fold with AK against a min5bet of a LAG is not the right play imo. If he had AA/KK, that's just a setup and take a note on him.
    But you make your decision on a sizing looking strange and find a miss-read.
  • serroyce


    About the AK-hand:

    I know many players who always make a kind of min 5bet with TT and AK. The reason is that it seems to be a lot stronger and sometimes even QQ and AK will fold.
    You will go broke with JJ and AK anyway against aggressive opponents anyway and with these small 5bet you get a lot more fold equity.

    But thats just my experience ;).
  • serroyce


    Edit: Its TT of course ;).

    Just now a regular made the exact same 5bet move with AQo on NL100 at iPoker.
  • MathhNes


    4 bet fold AKo wow. Dont think you are going to face aces and kings all the time and you still have decent equity against kings!
  • ertzkuh


    min15 ul
    Ich find die 88-Hand nicht wirklich toll gespielt. Selbst wenn man am Flop callt und er auf nem kompletten Bluff ist, wird er kaum den River bluffen, wenn er den turn so günstig blufft. Also kann man mindestens den Turn raisen.
    Wichtig ist doch, ihn allin zu kriegen, WENN er überhaupt den showdown sehen will.
  • ertzkuh


    min22 ol
    Find ich ja geil, aber warum ist sein bluffshove mit ATs so schlecht? Für nen bluffshove hat die Hand nen guten EV. Außerdem wenn du da so ran gehst, könnteste aus seiner Sicht jeden Trash halten.
  • ertzkuh


    min25 ur
    Nicht dein Ernst, oder? Gegen QQ+, AK hast du 39%.
    Und dir ist schon bewusst, dass das manche Gegner (zumindest ich) auch mit Trash machen bzw zumindest TT, JJ?
  • ertzkuh


    Und dann noch deine Pokerstove-Rechnung. Siehste doch, dass es gut war. Er hat mit seinem Bluff selbst 36% und du wirst wohl kaum immer nur for value 4betten. --> also hat er mehr als 36 % value. Und er brauch ja nicht mal 50%!