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Darkzonk plays on 8 tables. 4 visible at a time and he brings in the other 4 when there is action so that you are not distracted by too many tables at once. He wants you to comment on this video as it’s his first in English. He will talk about the how to improve your game when playing the Short Stack Strategy. He starts with a review of the starting hands chart and how to use it along with explanations.


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  • aciddrop


    You Germans, always so worried about your English.
    No problems, let's have some more.
  • xero100


    really liked your video waiting for more
    its my first live video that I watched ALL
    you english good for me as long I understand everything you say so for me your english was fine
  • Sinnology


    Just watched it.
    Great play and some really good information sharing.
    I love your explanations about playing in certain positions and why.
    I don't see why your English should be a problem here, I didn't ran onto nothing I didn't understand, so guess its ok .

    Hope to see your new video soon.

  • chuderz


    i like your advice, im english myself and understood you perfectly so in future you've no need to worry about that.
  • Fagin


    Hi, thanks for the video. No problems with your english, I understood everything. Nice to see some honest reactions to situations that occur - I often react the same way lol.
    The adaptions to SSS were clearly outlined and explained and I will be using them from now on myself.
    I look forward to watching your next video.
  • airfil666


    Nice video. Your English is OK so I hope to see more videos from you.


    your english is fine, thank you.
  • peanutter


    Your english is good. I saw that at the tables you were playing, there were more than 2 short stacks. Isn't short stack strategy supposed to be not profitable on those tables?
  • gedwashere91


    Yeah dude, if you think your english is bad, you should hear my german :P

    I have a few questions:
    1. Do you use the Stack Size : Initial Raise Size ratio chart for re-raises? Because I've seen some people using that. Its slightly more nuanced than the old "TT+ AK shove, all else fold" because it takes into account how pot committed you are..
    2. You seemed to be using a different Starting Hands Chart, because ATs isn't on the SHC for late position... Is yours a newer one?
  • DarkZonk


    hey guys,

    i'm very sorry i wasnt able to answer earlier, just because i never realized this video got released^^.

    I'm glad u were able to understand my english and i hope i will produce some more english videos in the future.

    to answer your questions:

    @8: On NL10 there are a lot of players with 20BB stacks, but most of them dont play short stack strategy. If they dont follow the strategie, it wont matter which stack size they have, because u only can win 20bb. Thats why it is important to make a lot of notes. If there are more than 2 reals shortstacks u shouldnt play this table as long as there are hundreds of other and better tables.

    There were 3 versions of SHC

    Version 1 was the version with the ratio thing.
    Version 2 was the version with AJ777 in late position, without mid pairs and so on.

    Version 3(the current one) is with midpairs and AT in late positions.

    The video was recorded during the time version 2 was the actual SHC.

    kind regards,
  • zorgar


    Uve asked for some commentaries whether the viewers liked ur video or not. Here i am ;). I really liked it cause uve mentioned some rules i didnt know like minraise equals 2limpers. Please go on with more vids like this which r going ahead the shc.

  • IgnoramusJ2


    I approve with everyone about your english- its great. But when i was waching this video, i was wondering about your profit made in the video. Wasint that a minus :D i know that its not the most important thing, because the idea is to show the tactic, but still i wanted to hear it :)
  • teufelfish


    The Video is nice, but ur voice is to loud rec. . If u just adjust the mic it would be mouch better:)
  • DarkZonk


    quite hard to regulate that ;)

    i think its easier if u just reduce the volume ;)
  • wtfdude


    Hi, english was ok. I understood everything. There were some interesting topics about limpers. I try to add them to my SSS strategy.. :) Thank you for video.
  • antonin87


    man dont be so worried about your english skills..even your complaining about it was funny..i have a accent as well, who cares. i did understand everything you said man
    i only have one question..where can i get the final version of Starting Hand Charts with A10 as a starting position from late positions, or is it the only changed thing from the old chart.
    cheers and thx for vid
  • redmeat


    Just to make it clear...
    Your english is fine i was able to understand everything.
    Very nice video. I for sure learned a lot. just turning to nl. i've been playing fl till now.
    just waiting for a new one from you! :)
  • T3rMiT3


    very nice video!

    and understandable english... keep up the good work :D
  • Skring


    Congrats on the video! It has some good points of view in it, you should check it out!
  • Shevtshenko


    Nice vid. Nothing out of usual, really. Didn't actually know the difference between pushing directly preflop from blinds vs. IP. I really like the way you give out some theory info while getting trash hands, only reason why I really ever bother watching any live-sessions.

    And your English isn't as bad as you seem to think. Understood every word of it.
  • asahi11


    Great video DarkZonk, think this is essential for any new SSS player. I've found it extremely useful.

    A comment about your English.... shut up talking about it!!!! The only time I noticed it was when you'd talk about it. You're very fluent and I'd say above 90% accurate.
  • kwasir11


    Nice vid. I like the additional rules.
    The most important thing in english is that everybody will understand you and that works 100%.
    So dont worry man
  • kwasir11


    Nice vid. I like the additional rules.
  • AusMaCrO


    Your english is fine man. Great video. Keep it up!!
  • s1m0nmp


    English, German I don't care, as the video as great... really helpful... you explained some situations you didn't play against... like 3+ limper's from blinds and 4+ limper's from BU... plus the min raise and callers and vice versa, happens very often...

    and min raise and min re-raise, to be treated as normal raise-reraise...
    it happened few times at my tables... luckily didn't have cards to play against such play...

    thanks for the vids and keep them coming...
    PS: german/english I don't care
  • Crybaby777


    Hi, quite nice video. Very good explanations. Your English quite well dont be so worry ;)
  • phalemi24


    Nice vid!Your english is quite good and i will use the things i learned in this video(i will always go all in after 3-4 limpers!)
  • painback


    Im an american living in germany. Dont worry your english is fine.
  • infected177


    yes the english is good and learned something new to go all-in if you have 3-4 limpers thanks for the new information
  • KnoTMkI


    Hey there.
    I'd like you to discuss further on the optimal rebuy size. How come it is 18-19BB and not 20BB? Is it for tactical purposes or is there mathematical rationale behind it?
  • Snoddas


    Thanks for the video. Your English is completely understandable, don't worry :)
    One question: When in BB and SB completes, does it count as a limper regarding the 3+ BB rule?
  • iSuckedOut1337


    according to the one and only Loddar Matthäus: "again what learned!"
  • immortalx


    good work...i'm waiting the next video...hope soon:)
  • ReaZoN999


    Nice video, your english is perfect :)
  • axeboy90


    Yeah, good english. Nice video, i also took some notes, about what you said.

    Best of luck!
  • trelion


    nice video...your English is good
  • JohnDoe1313


    Well explained. I found many useful advices. Also your English is fine :)
  • iwibeaty13


    Very good video. :) I liked your explanations. And your english is ok. Waiting for your videos.
  • ins4ne2k


    good video, good tips, good summary for SSS. thanks