How to Play Before the Flop

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  • NL SSS
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Looking at the most important part of the Shortstack strategy: The play before the flop. This videos looks at three key factors, raising, raising sizes and the playing of very strong hands.


preflop Theory Video

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  • Teyiebuns


    I really enjoyed this video as a new starter! Your voice made it easy to listen to and understand! :-)
  • Teyiebuns


    I just watched this video for a second time and learnt even more! Thanks again! I wish there was more videos I could watch all day long :-)
  • slinkey192


    wow thats amazing considarung my self good at poker wining live turnement and dint know this well i guess my brain works automatic by xp well thx for the vids lets kik some A...
  • expike


    i made a card house while lissening this :D
  • joeburrows


    generic response
  • mpowling


    you said "A King in contrast" as opposed to " AK in contrast" ;) but even though that MASSIVELY TERRIBLE MISTAKE took place (kidding), this was an awesome video :D
  • solomonprince


    can short stacking be successful with 40 big blinds?
  • m4rr3co


    40bb's it's not short stack xD
  • KillingKid


    i like playing SSS :)
    gives also lots of FPP's..
  • ArnoldtheClive


    u mad
  • andreimgs


    good tutorial
  • Tatler1


  • edilgreve


    All these abbreviations are confusing lol, maybe there is a forum post somewhere that has them all down on a helpful list? PM me if you have one thanks.
  • JonnyJr555


    JonnyJr555 wish u lots of luck at the tables...ThankYou
  • sandshooz86


    does middle pair constitute hitting middle pair on the flop or must it be a pocket pair?
  • sandshooz86


    when u say for example raise 4BB + 1BB for every person that is in, do u mean raise to 60 or raise ANOTHER 60 on top of the BB?
  • duniapoker


    It s better you explain abbreviations of the position in article too. Nice video anyway...
  • SpeJu


    I think the raising size is too big, now players mostly raise from 2bb to 2,5bb, rarely 3bb, I mean if no players limp/raise behide you ;)
  • RokecSLO


    I thought that I already know all about how to play poker..
  • MarquesPK


    i just lose using this strategy . oh my good!
  • MarquesPK


  • TeddyBjornen


    Is it possible to play sss at pokerstars, cause they have minmum buy in 40BB? does it still work with minimum buy in 40BB?
  • abstractmoor


    Great video! I' m studying everything I can one month before entering with $30.00 and applying a solid strategy;
    Glad to know you have hired the Translator Lady from Google. ;)
    Just kidding...