How to Play After the Flop

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It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced player knowing how to play in the second betting round i.e. The flop, is vital to your play ability. This video with Lisa grant shows you how.


postflop Theory Video

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  • expike


    i heard all in around 30x
    started eating cards while watching this :/
  • 999Nakkiel


    all in are the fastest way to drop out.... in my opinion you don't actually need to go all in if you don't have at least 90% proof of your win, because opponent might have better cards.
  • poorplayer1


    I cant believe this went through 2 minutes of telling me what a pair was .
  • m4rr3co


    you can move forward in the movie, you know that right?
  • strosdegoz


    I am going to try this strategy now, will see how things go.
  • borntofrag2


    The ideea is to go all in when you have better chances of winning than of losing. That makes profit in long term.
  • Joonts


    How mega aggressive, - if you hit the flop go all in?! Yeah what if they also have a hand, all this is is scare poker... How stupid, how to lose money.
  • odd357


    lol now i know why everybody on toy money tables goes all-in all the time XD
    lol thats a STRATEGY hahahahha
  • JonnyJr555


    u directly go all-in LOL:D
    too aggressive strategy.......
  • LiiLii


    There is one part i don't understand. You say you go all-in with these hands if you have raised before the flop. But then in how to play,you explain that you should bet 2/3 of the pot etc. Please elaborate.
  • Azim1


    I love your voice
  • KKChancerKK


    we give you $50 .. go create action and rake ... and lose your $50 to better players...
  • usag1


    seems as above.But have come across agressive seemingly maniac players who create lots of action. Lose rebuy lose rebuy and then win and win and win. Its gamble style i find hard to read. Never know what they have because overbetting constantly. So loose apparently but backing their drawing hands and have to pay to see their made hands. Love to beat them over and over.But they do suck out often and then its me out
  • scriptacle


    well it's high risk/high reward thus the need to get in with as little money as possible on the table. I think it works better on the lower stakes table, people tend to call all-ins way more. But you have to inevitably skip fast after a win.
  • Druren


    im in love with the 100 bronze players above who are like, I GET POKER YA? truth is were all terrible most probably at this level and being cynical, from what i can see and understand making money from this strategy is possible because you shove in when u have a larger chance of winning then losing.
  • 1stTilt


    Reading over the comments I saw a lot of smack talk on the strat and I believe your really focusing on the wrong aspects of it.

    Obviously there are different players and different ways to play players. This is just a guideline for best possible play without knowing how others are playing.

    You as the player has to adapt and adjust. I'd say more but I really don't want to make better players that I'll have to face.
  • 1stTilt


    You know after listening in more and re watching this video I have to say anyone who talks smack about this strategy doesn't properly understand it. If you don't understand it then you also probably don't know how to make solid reads on a player based on there play and I would say follow this strat to a tee so you can make money off poker.
  • Elroch


    Just after 2'25" there is a reference to a "straight flush" that should be just a "flush".
  • vanderveen89


    Wow, I've been playing flush draws and OESDs even though I didnt raise before hand. There are so many mistakes I've been making! So glad I reviewed this!
  • Bennetton


    Some of the information on this site goes along with what I've read in the poker books that I have read. The one thing I dont agree with this sites strategy is the limits to play at. When I play at a $1-2NL game at the casino I've had great luck buying in for 150 times the BB, or $300. I always play my best cards agressively and rarely bluff. I would recommend to new players that they read some books. If you can afford it buy 3 or more comprehensive books written by some of the pros. Make notes on everything you read and review them before you go out to play! Good luck at the tables yall!
  • Methylius


    there's something that might not work in this strategy, that is slow play, in the last example te QQ and the K in the flop, going all-in here is suicide when possibly facing slow play. Must be very carefull
  • noz03


    Nice video but I cant beleive I heard her say to NEVER deviate from these rules, of course you have to adjust slightly at least when the player your in against is abnormally tight or loose.
  • TeddyBjornen


    Is it possible to play sss at pokerstars, cause they have minmum buy in 40BB? does it still work with minimum buy in 40BB?
  • forexas11


    Careful careful and careful at most comments :) if you're afraid of this, dont use it, it's speed strategy, and if you sit in NL10 with 2$, best way to play is how tells in videos, if you on SS and always thinking, you will be out soon, because other players have at least 5 times bigger stack than yours. if you sit with 100BB, than its not a SSS, its BSS. And it plays differently.
  • mrroyboy111


    Lisa Grant has a beautiful voice. I would like to see her make more videos.
  • mrroyboy111


    Where is the article that goes with this video? Also the short stacks quizzes don't seem to match the videos or charts. Has anyone else noticed this?
  • SirPaulius


    is this usefull novadays ?
  • GamBrit


    Simple And Easy To Follow I Think