SSS: Odds and Outs

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This video looks at the basics of mathematics in poker covering outs, odds and Pot odds. Examples and definitions of these important aspects of the game are explained and looked into in detail.


odds out Theory Video

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  • xTHAIx


    Nice video!
  • Sinnology


    This is some great video, worth watching few more times despite the fact I learned this from articles.
    But in my opinion it doesnt come handy pretty often in SSS, since we play by chart and especially when MT, there is not much time left for calculation.
  • slipo999


  • Beky1985


    y r the best! ty
  • ChangeYourMind


    i love pokerstrategy :-*
  • philco69


    Great video very informative and a better understanding of what i should and should not play. thanks
  • Holdemfreakie


    loved it.
  • IbrahimAmmar


    Loved it and I really agree with @Sinnology Since we play by hand chart for the SSS,but poker strategy are explaining Odds and outs for SSS to make this strategy unbeatable and to not risk too much money on draws for longterms and a quick view about odds and outs for new players cause they will face it later with different strategys and style.