After the Flop: No one has initiative

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What do you do after the flop if nobody raised before you? How can you make it work for you? This Video looks into the possibilities and gives several examples.


postflop Theory Video

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  • Varangino


    The heading to this video is wrong.
  • David


    @1: Thank you, title corrected.
  • Tscek


    Thanks for the video!
  • Remontoir


    This is so elegant. Every point increases my expected value if I implement it well enough.
  • TatankaWitko


    Škoda, že to není v češtině, já se ještě učil rusky :/
  • cipisek333


    Presne tak
  • Boruzh


    Thanks for the video!
  • Maarteen


    Great third part of the video series to Hasenbraten scientific articles. Nice to have it, helps a lot.
  • PokarFace


    Great video!! Keep them coming :)
  • miloskrstic


    Excelent, stop watching movies only watch videos on pokerstrategy.
  • msp3101


    nice presentation. thanks.