After the Flop: You Have the Initiative

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How lucky are you! It’s after the flop and you have the initiative, but what do you do now? In this video Lisa grant takes you though how best to play when you have the initiative after the community cards have been dealt.


postflop Theory Video

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  • PattRiott


    Thanks for that video. Good way to consolidated our mind time by time, or to get back on right path.

    Am french Canadian so am not usualy willing to watch english videos, but i appreciate your prononciation, thats easy to hear.

    And i love your accent, sounds like music to my ears, thats help ;)
  • darkrum18


    I really enjoyed this video.
  • AleMantovani


    Me too, it improved A LOT my game
  • gnawhalak


    great vid!
  • Raiozo


    nice peace of information. :D
  • LGrant


    i am glad you found the video so helpful
  • Dexstar


    Sound like vern from Radio 1
  • andreimgs


    Good video
  • AdamLaw33


    Thanks, good video..
  • phidelity


    Great video but there are a few miscalculations in it. e.g. the turn pot size in minute ~19

    Hero bets $1.4, BU calls $1.4

    Hero checks...
  • LGrant


    Hi Phidelity,

    Our apologies for this oversight.


  • DolarMakerLT


    Thanks pokerstrategi you the best :)
  • rasko123


    Awesome information!
  • CoyFishPhil


    great vid, i learned alot
  • yxcrtl


    If you have the nuts on the river and you suspect your opponent/s have a strong hand do you think it's more profitable to make a small bet (1/2 pot) as suggested in the video OR over bet (maybe go allin) and hope for a call?
  • p0wnage247


    Very good video :)
  • csdan


    Video doesn't load
  • Honda70


  • adimiz


  • Maarteen


    The articles itself are quite demanding so it is great that these videos help to provide some visual explanations and a referring point to them.
  • toske1


  • PokarFace


    :mind blown: Amazing!!!!
  • PokarFace


    A lot of great quality content on this video and this whole website! I love it!
  • fapaja


    #20 +1
    Videos and articles complements each other
  • mardibg


    Great video thx
  • melmintao


    Найс видео