NL $10 FR Live Video - Part II

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Playing on Full Tilt Poker ge5sterne brings you the second part of his live poker video. He talks about 3betting, equity and other aspects you should know as a good poker player. He also concentrates on not playing too loose preflop.


FullTilt Live Video

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  • Shinersen


    video is broken :-< ?
  • aciddrop


    Yeah, at around 10:53 just stops.
  • kenthmp


    Same here.
  • kammikammerl


    Please pardon the inconvenience. At the moment we have proplems with our Videoserver. Will post here, when the video runs properly.
  • kammikammerl


    video runs properly now
  • gadget51


    I would be very grateful for a vid [or more :)] on calculatinbg equity as it happens without the Equilator as I dont have time for it in the heat of battle and am a bit confused about it.
    Thank you very much for the coaching.
  • MaCe90


    Good video! Hope for more.
  • JustAboutMoney


    good video!

    a question: What are this numbers above the player icons? and how does he look the last hand?
  • ge5sterne


    the numbers near the player icons are the statistics displayed by a tracking program, i.e. the Pokerstrategy Elephant or Holdem Manager. Those programs also allow you to view the last hand played (as well as the poker client)
  • DaveWalliams


    I have a question: ~7m30s top left you had top two pair on a rainbow. Why didn't you slow play that to let him catch up?
  • ge5sterne


    The main reason is obviously Potbuilding. Even against his small stack I will have trouble getting Stacks in against his marginal holdings if I don't start the aggression on the flop. Besides I would attack this board with a very wide range of Valuehands and Bluffs and by betting in this spot I represent a range which is oftentimes wider than my check-behind range. Of course this aspect is not important against a random NL10 Player but is something you should keep in mind once you encounter stronger opponents or similiar spots against Regs.
  • DaveWalliams


    ok thanks
  • Rustythe


    Киреев засветился на первом столе))
  • Fagin


    another great video - and even you get card dead at times!!!
    I noticed that you will normally raise to .35c when first in where the BSS suggests raising to .40c - is there any particular reason for this?

    I also noticed that at about 15 mins (ish) you had KK on the top right and raised to .25c and at the same tie had AK on the top left and raised to .40c - any particular reason or just varying your bets??
  • ge5sterne


    My Preflop betsizing depends on my absolute position as well as the relative positions of the players left to act behind me.
  • carusel


    is this a joke ?? you can barely multitable and your english is horrible
  • DaMentalist


    carusel are you a joke? If you can say something nice shut it! Watch another video or go wash ur dog.

    I enjoyed this video thanx ge5sterne. i learned a lot.
  • Zervin311


    Dont even see how you can comment on his english, everything he says is 100% clear and his reasoning is very good. He's making some very advanced, and if not advanced loose plays which I would not except to be +EV at this limit. Plus the A9 river overshove was brilliant.
  • ThomasTheKing


    no native englishman here?
  • Bushilla


    sounds german accent but still correct dunno what ur point #1 ??
  • corsc


    It seems that you seldom steal blinds is this not something to be done at this level (or below) or is it just not a good idea with these opponents?
  • c4lyps0


    I liked this 2nd part of the video a lot better than the 1st. Nice analysis yet again, but this time only 2 time outs and both in pretty reasonable situations. :)

    About the QQQ flop. I have encountered similar flops twice in the last couple of days. I folded JJ vs steady betting from a solid reg. The other time I had pocket aces and called push from a fish who... didn't even have a pair. Not even an Ace-high hand. And he bluffed 3 streets. So maybe you should have called.

    Thanks for a good VOD.
  • pokeracum


    I like your videos,english is good and the couching too
  • derZelle


    You had not many good hand situations, but your awesome advises and tips helped me allot. Hoping for next good video and maybe more good situations. Greetings
  • K1llingKing


    Nice Vid. Go on with Flop Fold vs c-bet and River Call Efficiency
  • antstruk


    Why fold A10 utg? Its decent hand
  • kevvu


    AT is too often dominated to open so early.
  • acceleration123


    Amazing video ! I lerned a lot from that. Thanks
  • Laci24


    Really nic vid! Thanks
  • Laci24


    sorry.. nice :D obv :)