SnG $33 FR Session Review

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Yoga and Steinek present a SNG session review played on roomPoker by Steinek. Both coaches analyze how he played and passes comments on how he could have played better.


Session Review

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  • aciddrop


    Another one that breaks at 45:31
  • kammikammerl


    Please pardon the inconvenience. At the moment we have proplems with our Videoserver. Will post here, when the video runs properly.
  • Y0d4


    Feel free to ask questions, steinek and me are watching the comments.
  • Annuit20


    good vid guys
    on the early stage you talk a bit to long about uninteressting hands imo but for others its for sure interessting.
    The bubble hand were very interessting but the video stoped :-((

    Keep going like this 5points thanks

    Best Regards
  • kammikammerl


    video runs now properly
  • JVV


    Nice Video!

    Definetly learnd something.
  • Juelz84


    Interesting hands at the bubble. Definitely learned something there for my future analysis since I would have pushed 33 in that bubble spot.

    Here's some advice how you could improve further reviews:
    Just give a quick statement or maybe even deeper analysis on hands in PoF which you would have folded/pushed if you were first-in. There are often spots in which you don't get first-in but it's always interesting to know what you would have done if you had the chance to PoF. Don't get me wrong. I noticed that you guys did this from time to time but you also left out several spots when you were talking about something else.

    Questions: When you were pushing, you always raised most of your stack but you were never really all-in. Why did you do that? It wasn't a mistake of the replayer btw...

  • Juelz84


    Another thing to the 33 hand at the bubble:

    I would have pushed since I didn't realize that it is so -EV.
    In your analysis you considered the probability that the SB will push and the BB will call a certain range anyway. That's something that I didn't analyze that often yet.

    But I also get mad at the big stack in such situations when he decides to fold to the SB push. Maybe because he is just a fish who calls too tight.
    But what if he decides to fold in order to abuse the bubble. That guy had been in quite a good spot to do that. In this case I would be mad if I folded my 33 in order to see the BB fold to the SB push. I also analyzed this a little bit in the Wizard and the spot is only slightly -EV then. (Hero Push: SB Call 10% BB Overcall 15%; Hero Fold: SB Push 67% BB Call 20% (too tight or wants to abuse)

    So would you rather push the 33 if you know that the big stack folds too often to the SB Push?
  • Juelz84


    I forgot this: (Hero Push: SB fold, BB Call: 30%) Maybe even tighter since he wants to abuse or is just too tight or gives us too much credit for our BU push.

    Sorry for this whole spam :D But I hope someone will look at my questions.
  • steinek


    Hi Juelz, thank you for your feedback.
    From time to time I just randomly click on this regulation thing and don't just push.
    This is in order to don't show the other persons their odds and from time to time I feel they give those raises more credit than a push. (Example: Hero has 2,7BB but raises 2,5BB. If he pushed, the BB would probably call due to the odds, if he just raises the BB might just see a raise and miss the fact that hero is basically all in). It seems I did this here.
    Concerning the 33 it is hard to know what the BB will do. I don't think any player folds in order to abuse the bubble because they usually don't even know about doing that.
    I will comment on your ranges later, have to go know.
  • amayaner


    Minute 47:

    No, it does NOT surprise me that the range does not change or is even getting better regarding calling the BU push, because the tighter drunkendane overcalls, the more Aces he blocks therefore bringing Traceon into better shape preflop. Its not a problem with the ICM, its just that we /SB and BB) collide stealing each other outs and therefore equity.
  • amayaner


    So I really think in retrospective that you missed the A9s spot and I also think the ranges both of you gave them at the 33 spot were wrong, because to me the Bigstack seemed too tight, which was also confirmed when drunkendane pushed. I know that the 300 chips from a folding drunkendane in theory matter when we are pushing (oddz), but in general its not an argument for the megastack.
  • 013paul


    Is this really a $33 SNG? There is so much fish on the table :P
  • txfoyochipz


    I would have shoved the pocket 3s at the end. IMO a good opportunity to pick up the blinds or flip for a decent stack. There is enough fold equity I think.
    In that spot there isn't really a big difference between 3s and 7s for example. U would instapush 7s I think.
  • Rawgirl


    An excellent Video. Thanks a lot. But I would call with A9s. Why? Because it is +EV. I agree with you, that ICM has leaks. But this discussion is a kind of guessing. It depends on the calling range of "drunkendane". If we misread his range, we miss a profitable calling spot and are forced to shove on a closer spot most of the time.
  • Luupainaja


    Thank you for the video! Very interesting Wizard analyses. I'd have pushed 33 too.
  • kurrkabin


    Good video by 2 very decent players and coaches.A9s was a must call.It's not great,but if you miss that spot,maybe you won't find a better on 4-handed table w huge blinds.Although the guy was weak tight in the push or fold stage,he still realizes he has to push wide since he is the shorty on the table.I think in that spot we are very likely to get a coinflip or be way ahead.Not to mention the odds we were getting.I liked the 33 fold.