Post-flop: The Mathematics of Poker - Odds & Outs

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In this video you will learn about Odds and Outs. What plus and minus expected value this is all about and this video will also lead you to being able to play your draws more effectively.


odds out Theory Video

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  • Alesh123


    Very very nice
  • Nerodic


    interesting indeed
  • LGrant


    I am pleased you found this video useful
  • RazvanDan


    I have to learn it like it is for school,only this time the goal is directly the cash :d
  • Sarkk


    Nice work :)
    I appreciate it!
  • acceleration123



    The odds of making the OESD or flush ain´t 47/15 but (47-15)/15 = 32/15 = ~ 2:1

    If it was what was said in the video it´d be 3:1 which is are not the odds we are getting with our 15 outs.
  • h34dhunt3r


    @ Acceleration123

    What did you just said?!
  • kopstad


    Very good video, but unfortunately all videoes from you (LGrant) gets disorted, making me almost unable to see the video. The voice is clear though. I've tried different browsers without any better result.
  • Biolit88


    Prosím Česky .
  • Divinorumz


    Very nice vid. Very well chosen to cover those basics in clear and very understandable RP-English.
    Appreciate it!
  • justinmcnabb


    where are the charts?
  • Socialhabit


    :) knowledge
  • Guemagg


    n1 ty