Advanced strategies for post-flop play

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Postflop play in Sit and Go Tournaments can be tricky. So getting as much information on the subject as possible can’t be a bad thing. Lisa Grant takes you through some advanced strategies for the situations in this video.


postflop Theory Video

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  • looserbaby79


    very good video and good explanation
    definitely very helpful even for advanced players
    in the very beginning you say "this video focused on last part of SHORT STACK STRATEGY"but this is SNG video :-)
  • Pichux


    I have one thing that i don't understand in this article and video. For example, when you are pre-flop agressor and you miss the flop completely with more than one villain, theres is said "Play defensively". Now i don't really understand this part. In my actual game right now i make it as a pot size cbet against 2 very rarely 3 villains. Is this the way it's meant?
  • Pichux


    States to all the places in the articles where it is said to "play defensively".
  • painterman007


    defensive means check/fold, not investing more chips
  • quadsLT


    very very helpful video for begginers.
  • navigator75


    Thanks for this video. I hope to put some of these tols into practice sooner rather than later. Have to stop the rush of blood to the mouse first that often occurs when I think I may be ahead.
  • marouanehasbi


    if i am the pre flop agressor and i miss the flop vs 2+ villains, i check and there's a small cbet. can i call it one time like i would b the one making the cbet?
    ty for the video, very helpful!
  • Huckebein


    Hi marouanehasbi,

    you shouldn't call the bet after checking. By checking, you turn your hand upside down because you won't do this if you would have hit the flop. And in addition, when you are betting, the other guy probably could fold. But if you check/call, you loose this advantage. Against 2+ opponents, the best play is probably check/fold if you have missed the flop. But this depends on your opponents as well.
  • Huckebein


    @2: It always depends on the situation, but cbetting this big is almost never a good idea in a SnG. In the end it is a -EV play because you hardly can generate enough folds to make it profitable. That's what the article suggests as well.
  • DavidR17


    good vid very helpful
  • rossd152


    you say to make a standard c. bet of half pot as pre flop raiser on most flops. In the hand with the k,6,k flop u make it 2/3rds the pot...u make all the right points that point toward making it half pot as per usual but u advize a bet of 2/3rds pot. there is no reason to make it 2/3rds pot and is i was the caller here i would see this as weakness and be more likely to make a move and thus put the pre flop raiser in a difficult spot, can you pls explain this pls ty for the good vid otherwise
  • akshrivas


    Hi there,

    I'm new on this site and, first of all, just want to say that it's fantastic!

    I was wondering if it's possible to download these videos and convert them to a format that I can store on my iPod; that'd be really convenient so then I could even listen to the videos while on the way to work or the gym, etc.