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Having a professional attitude does not only help you at work, it also helps you when wanting to progress in your poker career. This video gives you some guidelines into how you can be professional while playing.


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  • En3rGie21


    I love this vid!:X...please please make moree PS!
  • TheLastNail


    i want to get to know that woman who recorded it, is it possible? skype me pls :D
  • Gabinr1


    Nice vid.
  • tpkrnz


    Sir Edward Hillary. Not william.
  • Genkidesuka


    Sir Edmund Hillary. Not Edward.
  • iatrogenesis


    She actually said William not Edward! And you're right it's Edmund. My Maternal Grandmother was a Hillary


    thank god your maternal grandmother was not a lekwinski , iatrogenesis
  • andyukraine


    только меня напрягает ее британский акцент? как-то привык смотреть голливудские фильмы на англ
  • NoshQrwa


    One of the best videos for evry starting poker player. Very nice job!
  • vsherg


    Да вроде нормально она говорила. Сначала немного прислушиваться надо, потом легче пошло
  • yycatty


  • staicu74


    TheLastNail : try rephrasing with "lady" and you might barely see the glimps of a chance of success
  • s3xas


    it s good video
  • NoSyMe


    very nice vid. and lovely voice, indeed :)
  • handyandy77


    go to school - learn some real English.
  • arcnagett


    Good video!
  • gchain


  • gchain


  • terryboi


    so watching the fitty and listening to some dance music when eating a kebab and rasing all in on a river with a stone cold bluff is not the way to go ??

    ahhh i see what i am doing wrong... no kebab iyts bad for your poker diet !! ;-)
  • upsetflip


  • Wizzzl65


    nöööbody nice :P
  • KarPoker


    nice vídeo!
  • leetsparky


    lol @ terryboi

    loving these videos ad articles just wish i could access more than basic stuff :(
  • mergelina


    ziemlich ekliges englisch LOL (aussprache)
    extrem unsexy LOL
  • RGOD2


    Can you get Lisa Grants voice for Sat NaV ? she sounds like a Women I would not mind listening to.:-)
  • Themanlilja4ever


    Good video !!! :D:D:D
  • JonnyJr555


    ok i got it...
  • gisellitapovedaesquivel


    que buen video excelente :)
  • lzlvenom


    Otimo vídeo! :D "levante sua bunda gorda daí e vá estudar poker!"
  • fruitcake1


    Lance Armstrong - known doper
  • LGrant


    Me doing Sat there's an idea lol
  • pogodon


    i somehow find myself watching this so many times
  • fabioruben007


    GREAT!!! thums up
  • RGOD2


    Nobody is perfect
    and I am Nobody :-)
  • RGOD2


    I love they way Lisa Grant pronounces Daniels
    Neg Gree Ag KNews name .
  • RGOD2


    I have an attitude when I combine professionalism with it , it can be a dangerous Mix .:-)
  • pokerQ4


    great video!
  • JuZZni


    wow, imagine having those people on the table with you. Plus Jesus!
  • sharpred


    Theres no such thing as a talent ...
  • Xrawy


    very nice video !
  • obrutmaster


    Nice motivating video. Helped a lot!
  • datsmahname


    "And are you sure its a downswing?"

    wait, they do exist? derp :p

    jk, love these videos.
  • BreadWarden


    Well Lance Armstrong had a bit more in his system than just willpower to win the Tour de France.
  • KKNgroup


    Thanks, inspiring!
  • iruzl


    Lie Strong!
  • 5BetAny2


    I think this video is not correct anymore, Lance Armstrong is a scam.
  • rogal27


    @44,46,47 - If I good know also the other players cheat not only Lance, and I think that even all the players have the same preparates he will WON the Tour anyway.
  • ferrari1f


    Amazing introduction to becoming a great player !
  • dubcoast1


    its Sir Edmund Hillary not William Hillary...
  • Dolly54


  • joskroket


    crystal clear and to the point, great site for beginners!
  • jmm88


    Excelen video, its true that we dont have to worry about downsings, because we never know whats may be the problem bad luck or poor game. The only think that we can do its getting better.
  • juozasAK


    It's good video as regards the basics of professional attitude to the poker. Analysis of problematic hands in poker forums, reading really strong articles and good modern books (according your level of the adoption of information provided) are very useful things to the progress.