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Live Video Starting hand chart

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  • colinsaces


    good video and your english is good enough lol, better then my German is
  • TheBrood


    Good video, lots of hands, had to keep rewinding to keep track of it all.
    You should call this the "AQ" video. =)
  • mouse89


  • michaelqian


    What did he have when you had Jacks at around 18 minutes?
  • michaelqian


    Sorry you said later he had 99. Thanks. I'm happy because I also put him on 88, 99 or TT.
  • kritikas


    I like your videos, but hand with 5 trips was simply awful. It was so obvious that your opponent had some kind of overpair or maybe flush draw with a gutshot. There was only two possible better hands: 22 and A5 and trillion possible worst hands
  • laghorn711


    es gibt keine DEUTSCHEN BSS sessions in diesen limits???!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!