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The Nose takes you through this 4tabling session on PokerStars. He talks about what you need to think about away from the tables for example your preparation before you play a session and bankroll management.


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  • DerComander2000


    i dont like the play with the queens about 24 mins. you call him down with an overpair?why? every ass and king is bad for you und this flop has a flushdraw too. i would call the flop and then raise or push the turn:)
  • ovatsuG21


    Nice video.
    Why u folded T6o in Top Left table at 35:30?
  • AcesBreaker


    sorry but i think that wasnt good sesions ! Very weak play
  • subine


    1:19 bottom left corner in early phase of SnG in early possesion you have to fold AQ...
  • Pygalo


    Мне не сильно понравилось... много раз не стилил блайнд с большого блайнда... да и несколько колов при пуш фолде были на мой взгляд минусовыми... а так всётаки интересно как играют иностранцы.
  • slnpiranha


    I play like you, but on less tables ofc :). NIce video, and nice profite you can make that way
  • ch1quitaa


    weak session tbh. Remarkable was top right table , you were chipleader with some 5000 and push all in with 88?

    thats a call , not a push imo :)
  • zeberdea


    Это будет 2-ой ВОД на английском, который посмотрю. Смотрел Штейнека, довольно интресно и честнее, по сравнению с Греком, хотя лимит у Грека был пониже. Еще, здесь есть русский комент, а в англо-язычных видео раньше такого не встречал! В любом случае просмотр лишним не будет, особенно учитывая редкость выхода русско-язычных ВОДов. Грек и ЭмДи, где Вы?
  • zeberdea


    Видео интересное, посмотреть не скучно! Правда автора в шарке нет, доступ закрыт...
  • Mirkotoscano


    I liked this video.
  • navigator75


    I always pick something up with these videos so thanks for your efforts with this one. I think I am still too tight on the bubble, but after so many 4th places, it is hard to have the confidence to open my range and beat the blinds back. Thanks again.
  • buccaneers


    1. Error-prone play throughout( that QQ raise and post-flop play was really ugly)
    2. author should think first and speak second and improve his english
  • papaduuu


    I think that fold T6 was the biggest mistake i ever seen, because you have to pay 300$ to the pot where was 1400$ and he can push any two from his position so imo it was totaly bad played. And if you are talking about fold equity ... he had fold equity with 75% of one blind :D:D:D very nice. And when you fold 67o from SB in this situation you would push 81% of hand ... it is easy push etc. I think that session was full of mistakes sorry.
  • AugustusCaesar


    1) I dont like to openraise 3bb utg as it is too small and you get a ton of callers on the 3$
    2) I dont like recommending 30BI BRM for turbos way too small imo
    3) QQ at 23:30 I dont like raising to less than 3BB, I hate just calling a 1/2 bet on that flop .. you get tons of value from all the (over)pairs if you push and you need to protect
    4) I dont like Completing with no limpers from sb 27:30 against bigstack
    5) 35:24 was just an epic fail imo .. On top left you need to pay 21,4% and you fold T6, and at the same time on top right you call 42,72% with 23 .. Plus if you fold on top left you double the guy for free and he is almost as big as you on the bubble now
  • Quinotic


    I am going to watch this one :) Sounds good
  • Teriod


    Hmm 9.29 with Q10s where u hit the flush draw... In my opinion you could have easeky reraised to 400 the chances that he has an K are pritty low and I dont think he would call you with a 6 : o

    Hmm but I only started playing like 3 days ago haha
    Hmm does anyone else think so?
  • XszczypakX



    You bet AQs or AJs in early position ?
  • WalkingBall


    смотришь, а за столами одни бэд-биты у других игроков...
  • WalkingBall


    слишком тайтовая игра за первым столом при средних блайндах. Пассивная игра с QQ на 2 столе на 24-25 минуте. А в целом неплохо...
  • woopstash


    Thanks for the video.

    @papaduuu can you send me a link to your video? I'd like to watch some mistake free poker ;)
  • papaduuu


    sorry i am not coach :) if i will do coachings i will do some video and it will be mistake free :) because i check it in SNG Wizard first and after that i will post it. And i am playing 30 SNG at once so i think it will not help you :D
  • tawivseh


    да с QQ дал дотянуть
    вод неплохой для сдержаных игроков
  • kiromanAAKK


    Great video; Thank you very much!
    What I found difficult to digest is bust out on the bubble by an unworthy player like Marc_ian910 (min 34 about call a push with 85 off-suited) unfortunately, that happen often to me too and I find very unjust that such "players" are even blessed by the software and from the fate!
  • SirPaulius


    I felt much better,i'm playing just like this.
  • AllinStefk


    I enjoyed your video and learnt alot about fold equity. I must say that your push on the bottom left table at about 34.00mins was a bad push, taking into account how badly your caller was playing in the hands leading up to this.
  • AngryJack7


    calling with 32s on 36min is pretty stupid to me...
    and at around 41.00 you push with T9o and finish on 3rd place... dunno if this was right decision,a bit of coin fliping there and I dont like to coin flip much(tho I know every preflop-even with AA is coin fliping) :D
  • s0cru3l


    to Angryjack7:
    1) 32s call was OK cause he had more 2:1 odds
    2) had only 6BB, blinds on him in next hand and 3rd in ITM play(BB was the second player on chips), i would push it also.
  • AltarEgo


    nice video!