SnG $55 - $109 FR Session Review

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $55 - $109
  • Fullring
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This Poker session review is brought to you by The Nose who is playing on room Poker. During the SnG review he talks about he and his opponents progress.


Session Review

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  • Jakoebchen


    I dont think you can fold AK on the QJQ board for these odds. We get 5:1 and I think we have too much equity there (for example, about 30% against 55 , AQs-AJs, KJs , QJs, AQo-AJo, KJo , QJo). I also doubt that he would raise what is basically the nuts right away. And we did not even consider the fact that he might know that you are very likely to have missed the board and therefore bluffraising some trash hands like suited connectors. I'd go ahead an check/fold the turn unimproved though.

    Of course you got a nice stack left if you fold right away, but there is not too much difference between 1520 and 1280, so that shouldn't be an argument as well.
  • Puscherbilbo


    If you expect to get raised by trash then its better not to cbet but to c/c. If he is giving up his PPs after 1 barrel you can bluff the R. If he plays cb with low PPs u get them to fold later anyway.