NL $25 SH Live Video

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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TribunCaesar plays without stats on roomPoker. During this live video he gives guidelines on how you can progress your play.


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Comments (22)

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  • DecMate


    Hey, really liked you're video, so much for playing ABC "TIGHT" poker haha! *Raises with 2 10s*
    LOVED the shove when the board was like 8278 and you had 7A, well read.
    Make more videos :) really enjoyed it, best video i've watched on this site. (IVE WATCHED ABOUT 10-15 (: )
  • maierr


    just a really nice video. hope to watch more from you soon. good job.
  • liseiris


    like it very much, wait the next one
  • peche025


    Good video, just one question, how would you have played the 10 10 if he cbets the Q99 flop?
  • syphonp


    Nice video man the only thing i didnt like was the passive play with 99
  • Aristoq1


    nice video, reasonable play and thx for the explanations.
  • Malerius


    i liked it a lot
  • Bedoze


    Good one! I really like the raises on small bets. Played a lot of position and nice reads! Thanks!
  • dan878


    nice tight style
  • aprilbro


    Intresting stuff, good job ;}
  • BigAma


    the hand with you holding TT and board 9h9dQh with ugly K on the river: why couldnt he has been holding AQ?
  • Zemnieks11


    Really interesting video, liked it! One of the best i have watched. Very useful tips, hope to see some more soon!
  • antonin87


    nice video, i like video of this lenght because i dont get too bored when it is like only 40 mins and still will get some value info..
    btw did like your laydown in the and with pocket 10ens
  • Marwwin


    Very nice video :) thanks for the lessons
  • Leito99


    great video! nice to see coaches playing more than extreme abc poker
  • 2bad4nick


    i dont like the 3bb openraise with 67s upper left table around minute 5:10 against such a short stack.

    reasons should be obvious
  • 2bad4nick


    16:53 he will never ever bet a six again. (down left)
    i would 3bet preflop. its so hard to play this hand oop even with just one overcard. i dont really like the turn call.
  • 2bad4nick


    17:46 down left. why do you contibet almost potsize here? you got the nutbackdoorflushdraw.
    what would u do to a raise on the flop?
  • 2bad4nick


    oh he raised. i havent seen it that far. :)
  • 2bad4nick


    21:39 bottom right. I dont like the size of the conti bet. way too big. nobody knows you on those limits, so you should bet your bluffs really small. waste of money imho.
  • 2bad4nick


    23:26 bottom right. i dont like your raise there. against a fish it would be ok, but against a regular your play makes no sense at all. easy call if i would have tens,jacks etc.
  • 2bad4nick


    23:48 bottom right. why dont you isolate here. your way ahead with your range, even oop.