MTT $215 - Sundy Million Sessionreview - Part 3/3

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $215
  • Fullring
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Watch Jonathan Little, as he analyses his hands played in the late phase of this Sunday Million on Stars.


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  • CBFunk


    Viel Spaß beim Schauen
  • sgepower06


  • Wills


    really...that KJ call at min21 just sux...

    but overall pretty nice vid, ur not explaining everything so well, but nice to see some moves I wouldnt do (eg. the 52o call vs KK, think its quite ok)
  • vhallee


    Nice video, Jonathan! The session review format is great for these videos in my opinion, compared to live sessions, so I am definitely for more of these :)
  • Unam


    I don't like your KJ play there, I wouldn't steal when you are committed against these stacks (and there was more then one player you were committed against) and you are never good when they resteals you.
    52o, I know that you have the equity against an overpair without an draw, but does he hold that very often or is it just the best case? Btw. if you are going to call him anyway why not pushing/donking yourself and make him fold livecards, possible better pairs then your 22 or better draws. And if you bet you still will play against his overpairs and then you def. have the odds to call him. I just don't like the idea of giving him a freecard, when you have so much equity and so many scare cards and some fold equity.
  • Unam


    But over all I am a big fan of your Videos, and I think the review is better then a live Vid.
  • OrcaAoc


    @ Unam : Considering the 52o hand I think there was enough space left for having fold equity with CRAI if he bets small and got nothing. Folding seems out of the questions to me especially if he overbets, with a hand like AA with an Ace of Spades he would bet small very often. I dont think a freecard is much of a conern here because if he got a spade in his hand he is definatley going to bet/call anyway.

    @ Jonathan : I have a question for the last hand with the A7s. On the flop you say your hand has a lot of value but if you cbet and get called you loose much value and therefore you check it. However if you check doesnt seem this very suspicious on an Ace High flop considering you raised from UTG - I mean if you had Air you would bet like 100% of the time on this flop I guess, so if you check here doesnt turn this your hand face up ?
  • JonathanLittle


    Assuming he is repushing a lot, I dont mind calling at all with KJ. Also, note all the reasons listed. I do agree it is is close and usually very player dependand.

    As for the 52, I like checkpushing because usually they will bet an amount where they can still fold.

    With the A7, I think a lot of players check hands like underpairs on the flop in this spot and cbet air and top pair+. By checking, I hope he will try to bluff me off my hand.
  • OrcaAoc


    This still doesnt seem to make alot of sense to me in this spot because its so obvious that you are never giving up if you check this flop as preflop aggressor from early position. So your opponent has to be really dumb if he bluffs here. I think if you bet it might even be more likely that your opponents tries to bluff.
  • Schwoicha


    dont think its obvious that hes not going to give up...those checks as PFA are like KK QQ JJ a lot of the time and villain could probably think he could get him off that stuff with 2 barrels, although A7 is probably hard to play vs a lot of action, but since we re inducing action with our check as PFA we have to get it in i think.
  • PaulDias


    great session review
  • sirilidion


    do you change you're playingstyle depending on chipstack, if so with how many BB do you switch to playing tag? do you play differently if there are a lot of callingstations, maniacs or lags on the table?
  • JonathanLittle


    Your range should depend on your image, stack, and opponents. I dont really "switch to tag" at any point, but in general, I start playing 3betpush or fold poker around 25bbs or less.