SnG $22 - $55 FR Live Video

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  • SNG
  • $22 - $55
  • Fullring
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The Nose here again with a new live session on mixed limits $22-$55, over four tables he gives a detailed commentary and advice on how you can deal with the situations presented here.


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  • amayaner


    Min. 01:20

    I dont think there's much sense to raise here because the bet really looks like Q or K of spades, so your analysis is correct, but your action is not accordingly correct. You get more value out of the hand with calling the Turn and Bet 1/2 Pot on the River.

    Min. 24:30

    Ther more conservative and stack preserving option ist to fold since you dont know yet that the UTG minraiser is a fish. I prefer to fold and not play against either a trap or a loose fish, nothing to gain there I expierienced. And I think the equity never goes to you with QTo, it just helps one of the others or the people not involved in the hand.
  • antonin87


    i had the fun...dont worry about not running good in this one..
    one thingy i didnt like in this video that you werent siting in the same place on the tables so it was a bit harder to follow the tables when watching..
    thx for vid