SNG $6.50 Video - How to Multitable

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It doesn’t matter if you know how to multi table or if you are a beginner this video is perfect for learning from scratch or brushing up on what you think you know.


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  • TSpill


    nice vid, only play 4 at a time but will deffo try up that and see how it goes. I do think though on some hands your a bit quick to push all in cause at these stakes you will get a lot of calls with ace/whatever and you will be behind but thats just me, maybe i'm to tight. For future vids maybe something like an 22 dollar tourney
  • NamenIos


    I really like those videos based on a concept. You mentioned you have holdem manager / PT, if you need some topics for another video, try review hands on your database deping on situations (eg blindsteals with 15-20bb etc). Holdem Manager has really good and usable filters for that kind of analyses. Even though I won't think I'll get to watch it with a gold/silver status. 5stars
  • AcEisBeast


    JL, nice video man, id say do a Silver MTT, final table. That would help me alot because your damn good at those.
  • larsra


    Great video, thanks.
    I agree with #3 silver mtt's, and maybe some midstakes rebuy tours :)
  • eagle2007


    ahahaha.."so whenever i play smallstakes SNGs...hmm ok ..i never really play smallstakes SNGs" :D
  • Njeng


    You once make a 3x in BvB (when i suppose you wanted to fold to a push). Another time you make it 2.5x when you mention you want to r/c. When you made it 2.5x the stacksizes were shallower, do you watch out for that when determining your openraising size in BvB or did you just do it to induce a push (or was it just random)?

    The Q9o on the last 2 tables is a very easy fold w/ zero FE.
    No reason to push against that type of player, as you KNOW you have zero fold equity.
  • mnl1337


    great video :)
  • drawback


    great vid jonathan. 1 question. What's better in your opinion for grinding multitable sngs. 16 turbos or 16 nonturbos? Turbos make a huge variance right? so imo it's easier to get ITMs with non-turbos. and we lose like only ~ 20 minutes in each session as non turbos last a little bit longer
  • turbo


    You nuschel. Hard for me to understand, what you said. But nice vid. Thanks.
  • thetrader789


    Nice video Jonathan, just a question: Do you use a traker while more than 12 tables are running or do you think it's not necessary (timing too short) ?
  • vladd20


    yeah bad push with qj suited mp1 with 11 bb maybe that s good for bigger sngs but on 6 s it s mistake
  • JonathanLittle


    I suggest everyone play the turbo sngs as you get more rakeback, play more games, and the games load much faster.
  • hypertyper


    I really like the video. The content is very interesting and your approach is of the no BS type which is great. The only slightly negative thing is the sound quality. I assume you were using a laptop mic which rarely produces good quality. Better mic would be nice otherwise more silver content would be awesome!
  • peche025


    I enjoyed the video and would love some more education/playing vids in the future. I think a vid on how to conduct a good session review would be good.
  • sirilidion


    I do have an qeustion though. How do you know if playing more tables is still more $/h since playing more tables will probably mean a decrease in you're ROI.

    I would love to see a video where you concentrate on bubblespots and how to adjust you're play depending on how the stacksizes . Also a mtt series from beginning till end like the one you did for the platinummembers for micro to small stacked would be awesome.
  • JonathanLittle


    There are a few programs out that will let you filter your results based on the number of tables being played at a time. You can just do that and figure out when you are making the most $/hr. Thanks again for all the comments and suggestions.
  • Dexterrrr


    lol @ "what is this? ;S" :D:D
  • Bomschikiwauwau


    Nice Vid !
    I liked the introduction about the different ways of organizing ur tables and I think u pretty much explained the basics of multitabling.
    But I think ur call/push range was a bit too loose especially since on those low limits fold equity .. well basically does not exist ;-)
  • ferna7777


    Mr. JonathanLittle,

    I very much appreciate the video. Although, I do not agree with you in the way to put 4 table on top of other 4 tables. In my opinion that kind of organization is very confusing.
    One question: To play sng 6-8 tables of 9 players $ 6 and $ +0.5 to start increase the number of tables what do you judgen I must have in my bankroll.

    Thanks for the video

  • Bedoze


    Thanks for the vid. I enjoyed the tips on multitabling but IMO you played too LAG for $6.5 sng. I would have played much tigher earlier since at this levels they just let their chips fly and you will end up having to play just when you are on bubble with a tigher image so you can push a lot more.
  • lukaszz14


    Thank you very much,not a good session but an excellent clip about how to multitable.
    Very helpfull.
  • cprice


    great video
  • PinoyPokerHayvan


    I liked the video very much. You deffinetly make clear what is important, if you want to multitable.
    I agree with Bomschikiwauwau, that your call/push range was a bit too losse, but in my opinion thi is a great video!
  • SniffvsSnaf


    Do you prefer to play in sets or open up a table like all 10 minutes for an hour??? How long do you think in your opinion should last a session? What do you do or how do you avoid, that a wee comes into your way of playing?
  • matirafaela


    wow, entraste 2 sits en premios y te llevaste el tercer puesto ....
  • Iljaronaldo


    very nice video.
    I would like to see an MTT video for Silver Members.

    Is it possible? :)
  • Yxilon


    Thank you for this one, very helpful.
  • mejebne


    Good job. Very usefull.. Thanks
  • jbpatzer


    'Min reraising with KK is terrible because you're only going to get action from monsters'. And your 99. lol!
  • ex6tence


    Great video! I think yours is one of the best on Pokerstrategy!
    Have never played SNGs turbo since Im still beginner and experimenting between MTTs and cash! Tried out these SNGs for$6.50, 1st session 10tables, second 15. Made more than $150 in less than 2 hours. Really weak player field as You said! Easy money :)
    You said turbo's is a great for rakeback. But there is no rakeback on PS, or is it ?
  • JonathanLittle


    You get RB on stars in the form of FPPs. If you play a ton, it adds up to something like 40%. Most people get something like 25% though.
  • GramNaTilcie


    polish version please
  • LeTrac


    lol, DaWarsaw is in the last game