NL $100 SH Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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Hasenbraten brings another session review given to him by one of’s community members. This time it‘s a gold member from the German community.


FullTilt Session Review

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  • Anuschka


    mhhh being silver sucks! ;)
  • raek123


    min 4:40 with KK

    you said that you were supposed to take a look at his contibets. I think that his bet is too big considerig it's a 3bet pot. That does not leave much space to balance.

    I'll get back to the vid an add some comments if I can find something ^^
  • Anuschka


    @2 i did not really care about balancing my range vs this villian..
    betting big to get max value from his draws/combodraws .. the 2nd ten then made me feel like a little girl so i didnt go ahead ..

    @braten the potcontrol line i was asking about actually was the AQ on 22T.

    thx for reviewing! too bad the royalflush was too late in the session ;)
  • Naems


    why did he fold QJs there at 15:30~
  • Faballi


    Didn t understand that neither
  • Qwertz321


    hi, "in general i kind of liked the video eventually a lot with its many spots that really 'sucks' i guess"

    nice vid
  • Fox128


    I think I like it.
  • Fox128


    1. Wäre nett, wenn du bisschen auf Hero's betsizing eingehen würdest. Mir kommt es so vor, als würde er seine Bets zu hoch ansetzen (postflop). Man sieht auch sehr schön in dem Video, warum das evtl. -EV sein kann (der C/R guy und Heros C/R/F auf $16). Da würde mich Hasenbratens Meinung mal interessieren.

    2. Lot's of interesting Preflop Folds on top left table, kA da wurden so viele OR / 3bet Spots ausgelassen, würde ich auch gerne kommentiert haben.
  • Maniatrix


    Folding QJs on CO and raising QTs UTG?
  • blitzcat


    @4 and 9 the player behind was open shoving every hand