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Live video with the “Nose” where he finds himself surprised but pleased with how things progress


Live Video

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  • looserbaby79


    HI NOSE.
    first i want to ask if its really profitable to limp 55 UTG2,3-you get reraise way too often IMO.
    around36min i am probably calling with 22 that bb is not so short +there are lots of dead money
    thx for another great 5/5 video
  • aciddrop


    Nice vid. Two situations caused me to think a bit.

    First, where you raised your AQ after four limpers, and a reg who had limped shoved over you. The other possibility to consider here is that being a reg, and therefore, he knows you as well, he can put you an an isolation steal with so much dead money in the pot. He can then shove a lot wider than just limped monsters, knowing that he can fold out a lot of your weaker range, and steal a huge pot. Don't know how likely this is, but given that I didn't see him limp big hands anywhere else, it may be that he levelled you here. Plus, since your stack was fairly compromised by the fold you made, a call could have been possible.

    The second situation as at the last bubble table, where you had just become the big stack. You had three times the stack of the shorty, but not much more than the other two, and pushed 78s. Given that the shorty may make desperation calls, and that the SB, jokijoki, had just been seen two hands before raise/calling with a dreadful hand into a short stack big blind, I don't like this spot. The short stack could call too often, the bad player could call, not just with AK, but because he is bad, a huge range. Without FE, you were not the dominant enough chip leader to warrant this. IMO.
  • amayaner


    I dont think the A8o push at minute 35:12 is profitable. Even when I assign the opponents behind you a tight range I get a result of:

    23,4% (22+, A9+, A2s+, KT+, K8s+, QT+, Q9s, JT, J9s+)

    I wouldnt push there less than ATo and A9s.
  • Tim64


    Agree with acid re the 78s push penultimate hand. But I do find it difficult to know when, and exactly what criteria I need, to begin 'abusing the bubble'
  • Fistor


    don´t like the fold with AQ in minute 8:00 :(