FL $2/$4 SH Session Review - Part II

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $2/$4
  • Shorthanded
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In this video Terrorblade shows you, how he try to terrorize his opponents with the reads, he got in the first video.


PokerStars Session Review

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  • Danny917


    Where u planning to check/raise the turn or check call? What would u do if joev made a bet, and danege called, and what if joev checked and danege betted?

    Bottom right table. Why don't c/r with flush draw, but just c/c?
  • TerrorBlade


    7:25 Looking back again I like a flop fold better given Joevs passiveness.

    Let's assume he's standardly aggro. I would plan to c/r the turn as long as it was 1 bet to me.


    One of the main reasons we c/r our draws is fold equity, and I think I have none 4-way on this flop and would end up isolating myself against strong hands if I did so.

    HU definitely or 3-way depending on the lineup and positions I'll c/r it cause I have fold equity.

    Here it puts you in a situation 75% of the time on the turn you're unimproved out of position and putting in a bet with 25% equity if you c/r and lead. If you c/r and check the turn your hand is a flush draw or OESD only.
  • Danny917



    Isn't it a standard value raise? I thought you might have called in order to have more players in the pot, because raise could have removed some of them. What about c/r and bet the turn? Is it too strong?
  • TerrorBlade


    I'm not sure what is "standard" in that spot but in my opinion it puts you in a weird spot where you're unimproved OOP on the turn most of the time.

    With 3 others in the pot you're nearly guaranteed someone has a pair that won't fold at least by the river and you'll be putting in bets with the worst hand 100% of the time on the turn and risk getting raised.

    That said it's not a bad spot after there has been 1 caller to do so, the ideal situation would be if the PFR was 2nd to act and had 2 callers between you and them, I'd raise in that spot for pure value but here I'm not sure you actually get extra value out of c/r'ing.
  • birkwitz



    i 3bet u preflop ( might a bit loose ;) ) and made a cbet @ the flop, plan 4 the T was b/c, c/c R @ no improve / b/c with 2 pair
  • wuerstchenwilli


    Nice to see mistakes happens to Pros.
    The Description doesn't match. Couldn't see any reads/notes that were taken use off.