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  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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Hasenbraten plays 3 tables on room Poker, hoping for lots of interesting hands and explaining his stats. If you have gold level status, this video will be a good choice for you..


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Comments (8)

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  • MathhNes


    Very very nice video. You are good at explaining your thoughts and i like the way you play. I want more NL100 SH videos from you! :)
  • KnitterRitter


    Fine video - also nice to watch in English. Not very much interesting happened though.
  • Qwertz321



    solid video with good explanations of decision finding. liked it!
  • FinalTableTillus


    postflop manchmal zu snug meiner meinung nach..preflop relativ standard agression zieml gut balanced. naja bei der AQ hand wird man ohne villains hand wohl nie wissen was in dem spez. fall die beste line ist aber deine riverbet kann er nach deinem turncheck schon gut als blockbet lesen und denken das du betfold spielst weil du zB mit deinem acekicker nicht super comfortable bist ansonsten solid :)
  • 7winner7


    tnx 4 the video. Nice one
  • matusko


    16:00 KK on QT6 isnt it good to check back? like what hands do you get 3 streets of value from?
  • nsbronx


    good video
  • RiseandStrive


    #6 I agree. U could expect more value on river.