PLO €200 HU Session Review

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $200
  • Heads-up
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Your friendly video producer from Austria, Twicet, tries to get one up on a good friend of his, named mahone1. How does he do it ? He tries to adapt against the LAG style of his opponent.


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  • pokertaker


    what kind of program did you used? and where i can get it ?
  • Irooz


    Will pose naked for gold status
  • cohkka


    Holdem Manager
    In the Shop here fore example.
  • Jackalof


    Great video, hoping for more live sessions from you!
  • markus45


  • Ash05


    ok, just watched the vid of mindfucker TwiceT and here are my random thoughts:

    - pity that the connection broke, live vid would have been very interesting. the majority of the replayed hands were nobrainers, but i think still a good watch for the beginning players here.

    - around min. 15, i actually call the turn 50 % when the straight hits, board was something like 7825. i will bluff it the other 50 %, since we have outs to a split, and i think to his half cbet have mass fold eq against his range. its really hard for him to call with anything, except for the nuts ofc.
    when i call turn, i bet any river ofc
    nice river card btw ;)

    edit: have seen more of the vid now, and reviewing that hand again, callin is way superior to raising, cuz he has sick betsizing tells :D pretty unbalanced that guy :D haha

    - the very first hand of the session review, u flop something like TP and the nutFD. i like to c/r these hands, helps me balance my c/f as 3bettor, especially on such low boards, with a FD. since you are like 150bb deep, its easier to play the turn, cause there is still some money left, and there are not many turns that we want or can barrel actually. even the nuts would be shit :)

    if he checks behind we can play a smaller pot. which is never bad in plo imo, since we are OOP.
    but as played, you showed a great read. Mindfucked!

    - the next to last hand was sucky as u already said.
    i prefer c/c, if i opt not to 3bet the hand preflop, since we have the A of the FD, we can use it as a bluff card sometimes, when we feel that he's stabing light.
    getting it in here sucks big time, cause its only single raised and for the other reasons that u already mentioned.

    - last hand: was kinda crappy as well. i think its bet bigger/pot >> c/r. we're actually kinda happy that he could have picked up some outs to call a bigger bet on the turn. but yeah, you gave him good odds and river is omaha style to the fullest. its really debattable if its still a negative freeroll. it sure is no big mistake, cause there is gazillions in the pot already. but without knowing the dynamics of the hand, his flop calling range could be some TP kind of hands, which picked up a FD or i would also would give him almost the same range, which he showed u on the river. but since he only called the turn and didnt protect, i would go with the second range (wrap FD) and really shit my pants on this river. but still dont know which line is best. pot, c/c, c/f (depending on dynamic).
    c/f might sound stupid, but i dont c a lot of hands which he is purebluffing here. the backdoor busted and he has to know, that we would call very light here. any 2 pair is a call probably with these monster odds. this hand is really sick :)

    think it is the most interesting hand of the vid, since it shows multiple street betting and thinking, which is the A and O of PLO.

    - hand where u have the idiot straight and are faced with a river PSB. with your read that PSB = not the nuts. getting it in is an option. U block the nuts a bit, and its only 50 more. really helps if u need momentum sometimes. but in this case, i would play it the same. and really like to show him that i call down "light". and probably while playing anylazing this quick, for extreme light value is very hard to do.

    all in all, great vid sir, keep em comin.
    next time pick some more mindfucking hands :D
  • TwiceT


    thnx for the input my friend ;-)

    @ live video. another plo200hu vid will be published soon and it will be a live video only.

    i agree, c/r in that hand with tp nutfd makes the hand a bit easier to play. but luckily as played, we definitely extracted max value with our 2ndpair vs his bottom pair :D

    @ last hand: my line sucks, river sucks, oop sucks. crappy hand all in all. vs him i prefer c/rai turn. as standard potting turn should be best imo.
  • Gh0s7rid3r


    Very nice video. I like your deep thoughts and adaptions to this maniac. 5 Stars!
  • shibbyx1


  • Instinctively


    very good. more pls!
  • Instinctively


    It's realy cool that you also showed the hands you have missplayed quite hardly,this vid has great learn efect, so absolutely 5 stars!
  • sommermeer


    thx nice vid .
    ur austrian right?

    more pls!