NL BSS: How to play before the flop

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Selecting your starting hand correctly is vital to your whole game. In this video PokerStrategy helps you make that choice and avoid messy decisions. You will get an overview of the starting hands chart and advise of how to maximize profit with the right cards.


preflop Theory Video

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  • kopeten


    I do not
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  • ablaze49


    ничего не понимаю а русской версии нет:((
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  • OnkelHotte


    Hey Guys, what's up? Any questions?:-)
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  • s3xas


    it was very helpful
  • sauzaleno


    Its a good chart for beginners and to learn the game with but you also have to realize these principles arent set in stone(and you should make note of this). The way the video is explaining how and when to play your cards is wrong. There saying "Always play your cards like this". Thats completely wrong. Poker is a people game. You play the player, not your cards. If your always going to play by the book, the good players will find this out quickly and crush you. If you constantly mix up your play you will be difficult to read. The video is wrong in the sense that it says "You should always play your cards this way". Completely wrong. The way you should play your cards depends on your position and most importantly your opponent(s).
  • ksood


    very good
  • muff31x1987


    it is good video
  • adrenalin875


    Thank you for the nice video.It is very useful to me and full of trues thanks again to the upploader of the video material. :)
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  • Ace8dia


    For a beginner the starting hand chart is very helpful and enables the player to avoid mistakes such a playing the wrong starting hands/too many hands. At the level this video is aimed at psychology and playing the player is not so important as getting the fundamentals right but yes as your game develops so too can you move away form the hand chart and start to think more about the opponent.
  • justinjude1


    Does AK have less value at lower stakes? After all, when another player pairs the 7 of his 6,7s aftre calling a raise he won't imagine he is beat.
  • Huckebein


    @10: AK is a very strong hand, but it is only ace high if you don't hit.

    On the other hand you want the bad players come along with their bad hands, because this will be your profit in the long run. Following the chart is definitely your best option.

    Kind regards
  • terryboi


    wat happens if someone in early position os slow playing aces and you have KK... DOH !!
  • maxgmsz


    I WANT guide play and win and make best positions
  • Huckebein


    @17: You cannot win every hand, that's poker. :)
  • ammobone




    does anyone ever receive the $50?
  • Lunarta


    I´ve got my 50 bucks within 24h (though i can recommend good BRM, i almost went broke, grinding back up now).

    About the charts, as they say, it´s aimed to the lower levels - and from my experience, in the lower areas it´s all about playing the cards. People are doing crazy stuff - all in bluffs on turn with nothing, all in bluffs preflop to steal 0,03$ in blinds and stuff.

    Also, it doesn´t matter if you have only shown AA, KK, AK and stuff, people won´t respect your play any more or any less.

    I´m confident that you will eventually make money with the chart in the lower levels. I´d question if that is the best way to learn the game itself, though.
  • bochon100


    guys can u help me whats the answer?
  • pipss11


    how many questions do u need to get right to get the 50
  • bonecore


    What are the positions at shorthanded tables?

    Type 1
    1. blinds (SB)
    2. blinds (BB)
    3. early position (UG)
    4. Middle position(MP)
    5. late position (CO)
    6. late position (B)

    Type 2
    1. blinds (SB)
    2. blinds (BB)
    3. middle position(UG)
    4. Middle position(MP)
    5. late position (CO)
    6. late position (B)

    Choose between type 1 or type 2
  • SpeJu


    I think the raising size is too big, now players mostly raise from 2bb to 2,5bb, rarely 3bb, I mean if no players limp/raise behide you ;)
  • rimiaga


    have to wait 1 hour to try again...
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  • sorin70


    i just reed &watch yours video,but i believe the statisticks remain a statisticks;a hand is different from other one,never u cann know what is next card&4 that u must see only iour position is different ;u are in or u are out of table.
  • akakosasx


    do someone know poker quiz answers?
  • OnkelHotte


    @30: Yes, a hand is different from another one but so is the value of a hand. And there is clear statistic date which reveals that some hands are worth being played and some others aren't.

    Thus a careful hand selection is the most powerful tool to successfully start into poker.
  • minhbonhi


    i'm try , i will winer
  • phamdinhkhanh1993


    oke. thanks!
  • redriver1


    thanks,good video
  • forfksake


    i still cant answer the quiz Grrrrrrrrrrr
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  • rgrantos


    I agree with point 8, this is a very good video for people just starting the game along with players who have been playing for a while and want to go over some core skills of the game
  • Buhner


    update the videos to go back or forward.
    instead of starting all over.
  • silvex


    muito bom mesmo...
  • cardman21


    sauzaleno,you are correct however i guess this video is prtaining more on micros meaning that you dont need to play your opponent since most of them are bad and dont know what your doing.. what your applies on higher stakes
  • ChampNo1


    where can you find the poker hand chart?
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  • Tedinka91


    Kak moje vseki pyt da otvarq takiwa karti az ne go vqrvam... zatova ne obicham online poker
  • invictus11


    Много полезно видео за начинаещи!
  • LyToLV


    Yhx for video wery helpful.
  • AskewD


    Combining pre-flop and post-flop playstyles is getting confusing... :D
  • IwaoTakeo


    Having played 10k+ hands so far, I'd say more often than not keeping to the pre-selection strategy earns you money in the long run. The only thing I don't like about it is a bit of predictability of your playstyle - sometimes it's worth only calling a raise with AA for example, such as when you are on the blinds and a loose player raises from the button; deception is where you make big money.


    Very good
    Thank you
  • Fabulez


    Very helpful, thanks.
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    save this for play
  • mcvarga


    Really solid video on explaining the hand charts!
  • demmaxx


    ik ook niet
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  • SkeenaAce


    ABC poker will serve you well at the micro stake levels but as you move up in blinds / stakes the level of play also improves and it will be necessary to adapt your game if you are to stay profitable.
  • bobeucz


    nice video
  • Nealio


    Its so difficult sticking to the starting hands but i'll give it my best shot!
  • melmintao


    Это возможно но дисперсия иногда просто убивает !