FL $2/$4 FR Live Video by Cornholio

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $2/$4
  • Fullring
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For all of you missing midstakes FL Fullring videos, we have the perfect solution! Take a look at Cornholio and how he uses stats and reads on his opponents.


FullTilt Live Video

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  • GlycolyseMAN


  • DerComander2000


    nice video with good explanations!
  • Nitlib


    min 19:26, btm left, KQ on 8TQ2 3suited turn where you get raised, Ace river- i would still call. I think he will be V-Betting a split or a worse Q enough (BU range). There are enough single worse queens he´d raise on the turn, and the delay on the river can indicate hes talking himself into a vbet with 2nd pair even against your A-wheighted range bu vs bb, 1:9 after all.

    I´m not convinced the timing always means strength.

    Nice vid as always ;)
  • Hamari


    Please more of that fr videos.
  • KelvinK


    Thanks a lot.
  • Schattenlord


    the JJ hand at the hand. i would have checked, because you will be able to fold if one bets and the other guy raises.
  • FlorinCatana


    kind of an average+ video, but it works as long as there are not too many others around on FL FR