NL $400 FR User Review - Part I

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Fullring
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Ge5sterne brings you part 1 of a special session review, taken from a session played by Kavalor, a coach from the German community.


Titan Poker User Session Review

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  • Gladiatorx3


    we a playing on fulltiде poker.. заврался парниша :)
  • Gladiatorx3


  • icanhazit


  • BelyiM


    No handcounter? First, I thought it was a joke :) And i like the new layout of full tilt poker!!
    But anyway, nice vid so far. Like the zooming and fast forwarding stuff, makes it a lot easier to watch.
  • tanjaassia


  • tanjaassia


    ich find das so geil ich spiele nl200 und bin silber und die meisten hier die diamond sind spielen vllt mal nl50 loooooooool
  • OnkelHotte


    @4: Well, nice assumption, but obv not more than an assumption;)
  • Hogmeiser03


  • BelyiM


    @4 maybe you should play more than 300 hands a month, than silver is not the upper limit for you. And what exactly let you think, i am playing NL50, is not that clear to me.
    Nice vid btw, but a bit too much preflop decisions in my opinion.
  • NightFIshRipper


    Чистота, просто tiде )))
  • mnl1337


    very good thoughts. by far the best video from you i have seen. but kind of boring. :P
  • ge5sterne


    Yes, unfortunately the raw material consisted mainly of those Preflop spots where one should play considerably looser than Kavalor has in this session and that is why the focus of that 2-Part series is on opening op your preflop range as you attempt to move up to NL400 and to adapt to certain Preflop tendencies of various opponents/regulars. This is also the reason why and I both agreed to release the video for all members from the Gold status :)
  • Kavalor


    I'm ON TV!
  • homo85


  • ksh198


    man its nice u make a movie but PLEASE dont slow it down so much. U said good things but you can say it in 1 minute instead of 7 every time. Hope to see more of you :)