NL $200 SH Tutorial Video on Floating - Part I

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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In this special tutorial video on floating, TwiceT discusses when and how to integrate floats into your game. He highlights the importance of recognizing the right floating spots and shows how to adapt standard floats vs aggressive regulars. For this tutorial video, he mixes powerpoint slights for theory input as well as an analysis of a live game session played on NL200SH on roomPoker.


Live Video Theory Video

Comments (39)

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  • Paulemann36


    Have fun!^^
  • Laccyby


    das intro is natürlich nutz
  • luvmeluvme


    lol hat korn den affen im gibraltar gefilmt?
  • Ducilator


    Very hot content!
    Regards Duc
  • Eivissa


    nice vidéo Twice T. I'm french and it was a litle bit taugh to follow your explications, but this concept of floating is really a good stuff, and i'll be proud to be able to make some good float. I'm waiting for the next vidéo, see you.
  • thebigheizung85


    great video! love the content!
  • liseiris


    One of the best video i have seen...Great read of the other players.
  • MrNice777


  • justDimsik


    i like muvit )
  • mbml


    12:30 - May I know why is the River Ace on the T997A board a perfect card to bluff? I don't think we are repping the Ace when we check/raise T99r that much since we can't rep any nutflush draw type of hand.
  • Arcanis23


    Good idea to focus on one topic.
    Great Video!
  • stylus20


    great vid, made me think about may play.
  • PeeWee75


    Nice Vid so far. Looking forward for the second part and the Squeeze-Vids.
  • Guru79


    min 18: T8s hand
    say you had QJs (no draw) and decide to raise the turn, he calls, the river bricks. are you still shoving the river?
  • Guru79


    with no draw i meant no fd. you still got the gutshot...
  • MathhNes


    At 17:30 why do you call the big 3 bet with pocket 4's? Planning to bluff him out in some spots?
  • crazy3317


    I hate this "intro" so much! :S
  • celik2204


    <3 intro !!

    Last hand AK oop in 4bet pot on 6T6s, if he call down the flop, turn there will be 200$ in the pot and only 160$ left. How can we check/raising turn without FE ? If he bet like 100$ turn and we check/raising 160$ that's like a call for value ?
  • Tigreton


    Hola, Este video mereceria muchisimo traducirlo.
  • TwiceT


    @ 1: well, its a "scare card" and he never has an A besides AT. also, if we follow through on the river A, he might give us a bit more credit than if the river was 2-6. our line looks rly strong, especially since there hasnt been a fd out on the flop. hence, i guess he is folding Tx always, JJ-KK often enough since he is tight and thinking and knows my range consists of too many monsters and not enough QJ to call.

    @ 2: in game i thought we are deeper. even if i think i can show my pair sometimes at sd or bluff him off from time to time, i think folding preflop is best. if he is 25bb deeper i call.

    @ 3: intro rockzzz! :P
  • TwiceT


    @ 10: yeah i def would, he is calling 2pair and pair + gs like J9, J8 sometimes but will fold to a river shove often enough.
  • skatemaza


    the last hand with AKo,
    isnt it very optimistic if you give him after the 4bet a range which also includes SC and stuff like JT?!

    I would put him here on a very strong range...
  • derharse


    very nice video, i really prefer videos with a special topic!
  • SniffvsSnaf


    Nice one!!! When will Part II hit the streets??? Or am I just to dumb to find it?
  • Becks777


    min. 14 K5s: U said u check to rep 99 TT. Would u c/c these Hands or c/r? How do balance a c/r on this Flop as PFA? U would almost always bet a Jack because its a good float spot or not?
  • terrorpils


    NIIIIIIIIICE!!! more pls :-)
  • TwiceT


    @ becks: depends on player types. vs some, i c/c down. vs some i c/c, donk. vs some i bet/bet. bet and c/f is the worst option imo. prob with bet/bet is, that he wont fold 55-TT if a low card hits the turn and im never sure which rivers to bet again. also, he is floating all overcards so even if an oc hits the turn and i use it as scarecard and he calls, i cant be sure if he hit it with his ocs or if he just doesnt believe me with 88.
    vs guys who dont float too much i c/c or c/r flop. sometimes i c/r a J here. sometimes pure air like i have here. depends on my image and the opponent's tendencies.
  • rootsanarchy


    epic intro <3
  • rulaZ


    im a bit confused.. in german videos u say "check behind" and in english videos u say "check back", :D
  • kazyv


    last AK hand, how were you going to check/raise the turn? 200$ pot and you've got 150 behind, is he gonna float supersmall?
  • Qwertz321


    i would like to know that, too
  • AceOnRiver


    funny how the arcicel is platin :P
  • Pabloka


  • RocKarlos


    Excelente video
  • RRmilions


    Realy good. I have liked a lot.
  • DeLau


    with K8 on the JJ4 board (at about 15 minutes), if villain had called the turn, what is your plan on the river?
  • WildBeans


    in the TJs float (with the Qclubs river, where you defended pf against a resteal), after he folded the river you gave the villain a green colour, what does that mean?
  • yomatiyo


    U never answer how to chek/raise the turn of the last hand.. I ask the same.. I think u should or shove or check/fold the turn in a blank, U have no FE and not much equity..
  • Tosh5457


    epic intro