Mixed Major Tournaments - Part 2

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  • MTT
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Jonathan Little plays a monstersession on PokerStars and made part 2 of a 10 part series of different Tournaments with Buy-ins from $36 up to $5.000.


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Comments (14)

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  • Konti23


    Viel Spaß mit dem Video!
  • fishtoeat


  • t000piC


    Why you call?
    the only hand you could beat is KQ
  • LX4DR


    hmm ... dont like it this much... AKs vs KK i think overplayed... but also good explanations in it

    maybe to much talk 4 me at all...

    "sehr anstrengend"

    gruss lx
  • HariRadovan


    Didnt like the shove in the 1st hand with AK. A reasonable player will only call you with QQ-AA and AK and you are behind this range. Even if your opponent is bad and calls you with TT like here you still get your money in as an underdog. I think coldcalling is the far better play here.
  • Chreide


    It´s a rebuy tournament.
    Sometimes you even get called by ATs and hands like this...
    By the way, I don ´t know how to get his whole stack on an A or K high flop / board ?
  • Jackalof


    UTG raised, you called with KK, flop was A rag rag, and you folded to c-bet. Is ace that big part of his range that it is unprofitable to call on flop?

    Fun quote: "just a second, have to get a ball of water out of refrigerator" ^^

    Btw, happy birthday! :)
  • caedmon83


    the shove with AQ is a mistake for sure! You have nothing out of his openraising/call allin range beat!
    min 24:30
  • Atoks


    random fun quote: "yeah mango chips, they're pretty good" lol and I thought I was the only one who's mind wanders during poker
  • LgWz


    Muito boa essa série ^_^
  • wool85


    pretty sick idea to record a 10 hour session and comment on it live.
    i like it though, as i like most to all of your vids ;)
    hope you will go on like this.
  • Schwoicha


    @#3 cause its me betting and i could be an idiot :)

    nice vid btw!
  • KingIdo87


    Thanks alot for making those videos Jonathan, they are awesome.
  • THeGaME23


    Damn silver status :(