PokerMarcel on Low Stakes - Part 1

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $10
  • Shorthanded
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In this first part of a session review, PokerMarcel87 analyzes his play on PLO $10 short-handed tables on PokerStars.


PokerStars series Session Review

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  • nyehehe


    1st :)
    nice video. thank you.

    A) I like your playing style
    B) I am highly satisfied with your comments.
    C) I am not a native speaker either, I think it was understandable.

    Be careful which table you talk about ;) ( bottom or top )
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  • rdubua


    Your comments were very good and in depth. Your English is understandable. When will part 2 be out?
  • Funkmaster


  • GeorgeGamble


    You mess with "bottom" alot. It means "unten".
  • GeorgeGamble


    Massive Lifetime Upswing^^

    Ok, Einschätzung: tolles Englisch (bis halt auf's "bottom") und logische Schlussfolgerungen. Zur Spielweise kann ich (da es keinen Bronze-Content außer den Videos gibt) nur sagen, dass Hwang Preflop Initative ja gar nicht mag^^, aber darüber werd' ich selbst nochmal tiefer nachdenken und deine Session zu Ende schauen.
  • aMniZu


    Nice vid. Your english is quite ok as well ;)
  • NumbSchiller


    I think your play is just too advanced for PLO10.
    In my opinion you should explain a easy basic PLO10 style without 3 barrel bluffs and c/r/f flopplays to improve our meta game. Nobody on NL10 cares about meta game.
    The content of this video doesn't help bronze members a lot.
  • feinfuehl


    in my opinion its a very good video, but its way to advanced i think - also the opponents you play dont get what you are doing, iam pretty sure the guy with the flush on top left just thought you are a donk ;)

    also good english i want to see more :D
  • Meatfly404


    Great video. Thanks
  • madorjan


    The video is very good, for higherstakes players. I think microlimit in any game is a value game. If you've got a big hand, you bet, and maybe against one opponent you bluff sometimes. I see it's the right style on higher limits (against thinking players) but for example: why do we want to make Godfather Guy throw away his cards, when he is a total calling station? Why don't we just bet our premium made hands and big wraps/draws against him? And my second problem is you conastantly make 2-3 street bluffs till showdown. Even bad players will realize that, and maybe later on you can win a big big pot because they think you only bluff, but I still think that is -EV. (FE: Losing half stack 3 times, winning 1 stack 1 time.) Your English is good, totally understandable (on the top of that you seem a bit nervous), but it would be easier to use Table 1,2,3,4 instead of bottom/top left/right. But then again, good video, nice play!
  • AlexGoFor


    very nice video
  • LadyVesuvius


    The last hand check raise was really good.

    It was a cheap way to get info where we are at the moment.

    Check-call line would be a rather standard, but if the Q comes on the river ? Way too expensive
  • Moonraker26


    Thanks for the vid! I learned some things as a newbie omaha player.
  • Acoustical


    Thanks for the tips, I have started playing PLO less than 4 weeks ago! but been a NLH player for around 3 years :)

    1. your analysis of your playing style is awesome! much appreciated!!!

    2. your language is crystal clear

    3. I would appreciate a video on how to play paired boards with a nut flush/straight draw or maybe a high pair to fill up!
  • supdemn


    dont make moves in those levels, they dont even understand them and usually u are going to be called by many marginal hands or non nut hands so play aggresive just to take the control preflop and depends on the rival u can c bet
  • zilltine


    hi, i`m not PLO player, do you always cbet pot size?
  • ybiqS


    Maybe a bit too advanced for this level, otherwise very good reasoning. I think you play a little loose for this level too. Overall, good job!

    P.S. Please try to position your microphone better next time, to eliminate the loud thumps and puffs.
  • hitman95191995


    Thank the video.