FL $10/$20 - $15/$30 SH Live Video - Part 2

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $10/$20 - $15/$30
  • Shorthanded
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Kobeyard plays a Midstakes session on PokerStars in which he shows you how to grind successfully 10/20 - 15/30.


Live Video PokerStars

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  • NamenIos


    Its not "FL $0.10/$0.20 - $0.15/$0.30" like the category says, its $10/$20 - $15/$30 like the title says.

    Feel free to delete this comment ;)
  • RedFoxy


    Nice video... obviously:P
  • skurril909


    i love it ... talk about the nerd shit like diabolo haha. and the story about the party! just pure entertainment.
    looking forward to watching new videos from kobe and i give u my word - i will watch them. ;)
  • gape0000


    "i hope its, i hope im runna gone ,arararg, i hope im runna gone, im gonna run better, what the hell, seriously"

    entertainment level throughout is video is top :)
  • emotv


    Most funny video i have ever seen in my life.

    "Guy City was awesome" Lol....

    Maybe they must put this video also at fun videos...
  • CBFunk


    Thank you, fixed it
  • samsung750


    LOL he hope im a runna gun runne gun i hope awrggg gunna run hhaahahahah

    nice vid btw (Y)
  • Kroad


    OMG why so less comments im German but i got my Chrismas special Platin Status and im gonna wath every single platin vid now weeeeehaa !! ^^ Nice Vid btw hat to laught while ur talking about the nerd part ;)
  • Benec12


    Hát ez nagyon nagy :D
  • Tillit


    Nice Vid. Evidently. Clearly. Blatant. Seemingly. Presumably. Likely. Expected. Probably. Supposably.
    Keep on.
  • ChipsKoenig


    a bit too much drama bomb talk
  • smoked2jo


    nice "don't tilt like a monkey"
  • angryded


    author has a sense of humor )