SnG $22 FR Live Session

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $22
  • Fullring
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In this live session TheNose plays $22 SnG's with some interesting ITM spots and deep heads-up play.


Live Video

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  • farrider63


  • GoldfishAK


    не в тот раздел видео поместили
  • GoldfishAK


    sorry, del my mess.
  • Adrenalin


  • rnsrnw


    Gutes Video mit interessanten und z.T. knappen Spots!

    Eine Frage:
    25:30 Warum hast Du UL die 66 nicht gepusht? Du hast zwar noch Zeit bis zur nächsten Blindstufe, aber nach Nash wär's hier 44+ und ich habe jetzt erstmal nichts gesehen, was den Push für mich schwer gemacht hätte.
  • kunnivah


    didnt see the whole video, but 24:10 A6s is an easy push for me, 25:30 66 I push as well. and min ~31 the 44 overcall is perfectly standard.
  • amayaner


    Minute 19:25 QJo CO: To me this never is a push. We're risking way too much and even if the blinds have tight calling ranges and the BU with tight 6% I get a result of 7.1% or 88+ AJ+ ATs+

    Minute 34:05 K3o BU: I think we can push way more than 30% because the situation is absolutely perfect. The other bigstack can't call anything except AQs AK TT+ (in my opinion), the other shortstack is slightly bigger than the CO and therefore won't call loose either. What is your suggested range for you on the BU? Again, I think 30% ist too tight and there are 900 chips on the table begging for adding to your stack.