FL $2/$4 SH Live Video

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Cornholio plays a live session on three $2/$4 short-handed tables at Full Tilt Poker.


FullTilt HORSE Live Video

Comments (10)

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  • mika78


  • mika78


    Min 24:12 you got the low straight and said this hand is to thin for valuebet? I don't understand that argument...
  • taavi1337


    24:05 you missed a straight again.
    36:09 at upper right you check/raise 789 board with 44 and then bet/call the turn. Like what? I would check/fold the flop there probably.

    Very good video, nice explanations.
  • ManuS


    #1, nope, just fürst
  • Cornholio


    #2 ^ i didn´t recognize the straight for a reason i dont know. knowing my hand i would obv have valuebet ;) i thought i just have bottom pair. this sometimes happens to me in coachings or videos when you have to concentarte that much.
  • IcMean


    20:57 you say you beat J9 and T9, wtf?
  • IcMean


    24:17 why do you say you hope he check behind while you have a straight? only K9 beat you...
  • kevvu


    Hehee :D. 23:07 hand. Isnt it better to c/r with your bottom pair and gutshot? And yep u missed straight (happens sometimes).
    Some nice spots :).
  • poupou


    23:56 Is it really too thin to value bet with the straight here? Or did it just slip away. :)
  • eSGe


    24min botton teable you have miss a strit+fd:)
    bet/3bet turn??