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ge5sterne and TwiceT play a live session at Titan Poker in which they point out the major differences between SH and FR play.


Live Video Multicoach Titan Poker

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  • demarco114


  • TheBrain01


  • TheBrain01


    habt ihr auch so komischen sound?
  • Instinctively


    Hab auch so komischen sound.
  • Ymir


    Nice Session.
  • markydave


    nice one
  • habeichja


    awesome content and nice comments/entertainment...

    great read with KQ Hand

    good Job
  • Dorfzocker75


    upswing ftw
  • Fistor


    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....finally part 2 of this AWSUM (sic!) session :P
  • dlrec


    At 45.50, what stat did you looked for to not make the 3bet against the BU steal?
  • icanhazit


    <3 ge5sterne/TwiceT vids
  • gizmop


    Don't you think the KQ (45:40;top right) would be a very good spot to 4bet bluff? Looks like he's squeezing, we raised UTG so we can rep strong hands and we block like 30% of combinations if his range is AK//QQ+. As we're deep, I don't expect him to shove too much.
  • Gerv


    19:49 Ship it! *TwiceT's Laughing Sound*

    Nice video guys, I like it
  • mbml


    -33min hand is nice i think, KQ vs 99 3 barrel bluff in 3bet pot 150bb
  • ge5sterne


    The most important stats in that scenario are "Raise 1st" in the BU Position and his "Fold to 3Bet" percentage. Since the sample is rather small, his overall PFR in relation to his VPIP should of course be considered as well. The player was very tight Preflop and limped way more than he raised. The 3Bet might still be +EV in this spot but even if it were, it'd be very marginal vs. this opponent because his defending-range against our 3Bet will be pretty strong and K2s will do very poorly against it and in addition we will have to act OOP.
  • ge5sterne


    Good point, I like it.
  • stylus20


    really hope for more vids on ipoker midstakes ... funny to see the regulars getting owned :D
  • raily


    upswing vids suck. and the topic was just mentioned at one occasion, 3betting and light 4bets.
  • molekpl


  • DonTabamsey


    very nice vid..
    twicet is pretty funny, "for pot control and blabla", sometimes he sounds like beavis though :-)
  • TheJerk


    "Im a fkn soulreader" Nice! ;-)))
  • aporiano


    upswing vids suck. and the topic was just mentioned at one occasion, 3betting and light 4bets.

  • mara2009


    greu si mai deloc merge clipu asta
  • salsavb


    Really nice this video :-)
  • salsavb


    Really nice this video :-)
  • Chob


    twice t is the man =]
  • innaig86


    nice video...but, sh*t, they're in god mode! xD
  • DarkNeo1


    1 word.AWESOME!
  • roswellx


    i luv the way you say c/c, c/c, c/c and how many times you repeated it :)
  • randomdonk


    "anything else u wanna tell our listeners?" but we cant hear him ! :'(

    nice video anyways