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In this Video TheNose shows you the best way how to play AK and QQ in the early phase of a SNG STT. Later he is hitting like a box and makes a nice suckout against AA. He also explains quite well the possible ranges of his opponents.


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Comments (14)

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  • PokerPro05


  • krason


    hi nose,
    you improved ur english, nice :)
    have you been to england for a while?
  • kuehnor


    nice vid
    love how u get called a donk at 22:40 =)
  • Chester20o


    really good vid. so poor level of players on this limit but it was nice to watch:)
  • aciddrop


    Another nice vid.

    5.48. You call the low straight after the second player to act bets pot into two more. I think he mostly has the Jack, therefore high straight, there.

    Near the end, you push 35s into a short BB. I didn't give you FE there, which would make it a bad push. You have a large stack, and can wait for better spots I think. The chips you lose hurt more than the chips you would win help.
  • i2aiden


    lol on ICM push 35s was correct.
    SB push 81% => 35s+
  • noclaninator


    I don't care what the pretty chart says, if you have no fold equity you cannot push 35 suited. Pretty charts make you do incredibly stupid things sometimes (such as completely ignore playing the player). Don't do that :)
  • bl4ze88


    min 23 (bottom left): you have to call into a 3 way all in with A5o. Ure already commited, because when the blinds increase as they do next hand, you'll have to call urself all in. So, I would prefer to call me into the 3way all in for a comeback. Especially after saying, that you had to call when u were in the big blind (hand before)
  • Grottesco


    Very nice video =)
  • SniffvsSnaf


    Hi Nase!

    Nice Video, you explained everything very well the QQ and AK content is good stuff. I like that you speak calm even when you play on 6 tables and make a make a mistake!

    Keep on the good work!
  • Tim64


    Excellen explanation of pitfalls of QQ and AK. I think I will flat call QQ more often and be more willing to fold AK to a 3bet in the v early phases. Cheers!
  • Camorasi


    lol he called you nasi, even spelled wrongly, bottom left for the j6 call, which is definitely correct... : D
  • JollyRoger183


    min 9:00 buttom left - KQ loses against 77 with a FH. KQ7Q7 board - kind of sick ^^
  • bradomurder


    great vid, really helpful