Mixed Major Tournaments - Part 5

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Jonathan Little plays a monster session on PokerStars. Today he brings you part 5 of a 10 part series of different tournaments with buy-ins from $36 up to $5,000.


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  • Konti23


    Viel Spaß mit dem Video!
  • antiflag234


    min14: checking-behind AA TR, don`t U think U should protect, because of all the possible draws?!
    and these draws will probably give U vallue on the turn!!?
    SeRS thx for responding
  • troubler


  • Sequeezer


    hey Jon, saw u at one 20$ DoN table of mine a few days ago, were u just bored or do u plan to make a DoN Video? ;)
  • Schwoicha


    good stuff!
    and fun to watch also :)
  • OnEoFaKinD89


    *lol* "poor guy, i probably took his lunch money" - tournaments are fun, if u hit like a god ;)
    nice video
  • wool85


    37:45 honestly I hate your rivercall with K8. As you said, you don't beat anything (maybe except 88-JJ).

    33:15 you snapcalled. I have to say that I thought of squeezing in that spot vs CO+BU. Which hands would you think you'd squeeze there?

    I've seen in this part, that I definitely have to think out of the box way more. Like I wouldn't have done any of your overpushes on the river.

    Good job
  • wool85


    *sry, 66-JJ on the first hand
  • aciddrop


    The only play I didn't like was quite early on, where you bluffed into an ugly board, and lost to the 2pair AQ. It didn't seem like a spot to me where you needed to do anything except cbet, fold to resistance. Your stack was decent.
  • Kaitz20


    very good video.
    Since I´m going to play EPT Berlin at March, maybe do you have some suggestions how to play against really though competition or how in general is playing these big events.

    Liked your bluff with Kx against AQ I think he would have folded, since every draw got there and he´d only beat complete bluff, just unlucky river
  • Orator001


    Играет он конечно сильно. Но вот в турнире за 215 баксов ему прет, как фишу:))) Выложите продолжение плизз:)
  • AcesBreaker


    wow you played with Elky on your top left table :-D
  • mandeltree


    lol@the hand against ragen70 thats one of thoose hands where u just go with ur gut and end up beeing totally wrong, u probably didnt knew who ragen70 is ;-)
  • CBFunk


    JonathanLittle can´t post at the moment so I will post for him what he told me:

    "For big live mtts with tough players, it is usually best to just play a standard tight, aggressive game, that way the laggier good players cant take too much advantage of you. However, in EPTs, lots of online players qualify, so if you find yourself at a table full of random players, which probably isnt too uncommon, dont be scared to get in there and gamble. Good luck"
  • Aristoq1


    yeah, ragen70 won a very very big one...
    hopefully u´ll get far in the 200$ game, i would appreciate to c more of that one
  • MikeVartanov


    у него на компе тема для виндовс 7 ?
  • label55


    every video u make , im learning something
    tyvm mr little
  • Rolo23


    the video should be under "mtts" and not in the category "sngs"
  • Kogtistiy


    This video belongs to MTT-section, not SNG. That's why I couldn't find it :)