Concept of Ranges

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In this video Sim87 focuses on hero's and villain's range.


FullTilt Session Review

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  • Tenebrus


    Viel Spaß beim Schaun ;-)
  • thureakamagic


    gabs das vid schon auf deutsch ?
  • chris1989


    Nur so ähnlich
  • IronPumper



    @Sim: B/c i love your vids, I would be nteresed in if this is the sam vid (Session) compared to the german Vid or is it a new one?
  • Jakub


    Sweet intro man :)
  • Sim87


    its a new video and a different session
  • troubler


    perviy nah!
  • IronPumper


    ok, thank you - nice to hear this^^
  • fcsm1589


  • GeeBee


    Nice vid and nice hitting skillz sir! :)
  • IronPumper


    Hey, thnak you for this one - very good and valuable video imo.
    The main topic (thinking about his own perceived range and take then the right actions) is just great^^

    Some Feedback:

    Min. 9 (KhQh):
    At the fitst moment I also thought that this is a B/"Continue"-Spot b/c there are not many combos out which beats you and some FDs are possible.
    But I have put some ranges into the equilator and you are not perfrming well vs. the most brokeranges of Villain.
    Ok, I don`t know what he is preflop coldcalling vs. an UTG-open.
    But something like tis could be possible:

    Equity Gewonnen Unentschieden Verloren Hand
    Spieler 1: 27,734% 27,326% 0,815% 71,859% KhQh
    Spieler 2: 72,266% 71,859% 0,815% 27,326% KK, TT, 44, AQs+, AcJc, AcTc, Ac5c, Ac3c, Ac2c, KcJc, QTs, JcTc, Tc9c, 9c8c, AQo

    If he flats pre sometimes QQ-AA vs. your UTG-open, it would look even worse.
    Idk if the default Villain would play here often R/Broke with KJ.
    So imo Villain would have to bluff here very often to continue here which is probably not the caase vs. an UTG-player.
    In a Co vs. Bu-spot, ok - but here it is maybe more a B/F.

    Min. 21 (QTo):
    I consider to mulitbarell in limped pots in such spots, b/c you can barell him off on the turn if overcards fall, very very often.

    Min. 37 (AQ):
    I think that to go broke here is the only option you have with 2Pair.
    But in contrast to you I am not (depending on Villain) too surprised to see here AK and also QQ+ sometimes.
    I mean in these days most of the regs are definetly able to flat preflop mentioned hands vs. an UTG-Opener (also it depends on you foldto-3betstat, which i don`t know)
  • HarryGER


    typish, weakish, lightish --> nervish!!
  • overbe


    afigennyj vod
  • samuelale


    Nice video, i learn too much. I never focus in my range (until now), that going to change...THX (i dont write english well XD)
  • Cealin


    I definitely took things out of this video, good stuff and also clear explanation/voice :).
  • rlaehdud


    AQ vs AK :D
    i think the guy who cc your AQ w/ AK is korean fulltilt pro.
  • playslayer


    i really enjoyed this video.

    AQ vs AK, at A K Q flop
    is shoving standard at 2/4?
    give me more info about the hands plz
  • vibreaza


    #17- I think he explained it quite well, the villain could not have QQ/AA/KK and he also excluded AK since normally he d 3bet those hands pre. If he had JT that would be a cooler, and still had outs for that. Easy shove.