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In this live video, chenny8888 plays four SnG $16 tables on PokerStars.


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Comments (22)

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  • gsop182


  • AcesBreaker


    nice vid mate
  • AcesBreaker


    I running bad like that last week lol
  • msliw


    Are you sure Chenny8888 that your pushing range was correctly adjusted to this limit?
  • kodjakas


    Hi, nice video

    I think in 43:20 you should have called the push from SB with K9s ( you were on BB )

  • MissSoleil


  • Lenzer


    mhh u are a ninja ^^
  • Oleg1986


    Min. 15 46 push after the shortstack BU limper.
    In my opinion it is a big leak!
    Against a midstack it is maybe ok but not against a shorty!
  • Lenzer


    clicking every second on the screen makes no sense and goes on my nerves i am sry
  • probroker


    @5: same here!
  • fatfish150


    32 минута - пуш А4о в троих - это сильно :))))
  • Parasites


    Too loose on the bubble for my bankroll, but I play, as you said, sacrificing EV to minimize variance (aka "I don't have the balls to push ATC on the bubble").
    Video seems good to me, I don't know why members are giving it just 2 stars. Maybe they don't appreciate you doing SNG videos when you play mostly Omaha nowadays?...
    Personally i think you're doing a nice job with the coaching and videos.
    Good luck!
  • dienaszaglis


    Nice HU, will benefit from that for sure! Thanks chen!
  • madein1984


    12:20 what about shoving AJo here? 250 in the pot, you stack is 1500 and the minraise from the CO looks more like betting little to have an easy fold on a reshove...
  • Fox999


    min 35...u push 2 5 in to a short stack with 6bb i think its - EV because u pushed a lot and he has to call a lot with 6 bb...ur pushing range is really loose...dont know...perhaps my range to tight...
  • HariRadovan


    I think you play way too tight and miss many many profitable situations. On the other hands you sometimes make very debatable pushes with junk hands.
    I didnt like that vid though I only watched till the AJo-fold in Min 12.
  • pumahulk


    What soft are you using to show you the stats ? Hold'em manager?
  • pumahulk


    And how much does it cost ?
  • bustagusta


    thx this video!
    'Nice call sir!' :D
  • Camorasi


    min 17:30 that was played pretty badly, u play agaist 3 opponents oop and a K is definetely in their callingrange,so at least one will call, that was a waste of chips
  • shakin65


    I didn't watch the whole video. Some comments on it:

    2'45 I would check on the turn. Villain gave you the information preflop and on the flop that he wants to play the hand. So no need to barrel on the turn when you can get a free card.

    4'45: I play the OESD more defensive. What's your plan on turn when he pushes after your 500 bet?

    9'25: I usually complete with KJo
    10'16: JTo is an easy push with 2 BBs and sitting on the Bu

    11'50: I don't like the call down with T2o.

    12'15: I call the minraise in the BB with AJo

    14'43: I don't like the push with 46o. A donk who limps with 8 BBs will usually not fold that much.
  • TheQuietAmerican


    10bb co against 3 shorter stacks why not