Fullring Frenzy - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Fullring
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In the first part of his series, ge5sterne plays a live session and talks about adaptation against unknown opponents and isolation.


Fullring Frenzy FullTilt Live Video

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  • 4Tom4


    ge5sterne....fullring....GEIL ;)
  • Wolf87


    topleft 88-Hand min 4:22 you should rather donk the Flop. The PFA will not c-bet this board 3-handed with trash unless he's a donk and u won't give him any freecards. Also he will not raising you light here because its 3-handed. The other (tight) player eiher has a pocket pair called oop or sometimes he calls with hands he wont 3-bet with like AJ/AQ. After he (the tight player) calls the c-bet you should think about his range: Because of the board structure he might have a set trying to slowplay here or some other pocket, but you're not beating any of 'em except 22,33 and 55. In terms of equity after reducing the opponents range youre have here even with a small Overpair rather a fold then a call imo. Especially after just c/c you have to include the Equity of the PFA as well (even if he just have overcards). Greetz, mate ;)
  • ge5sterne


    I remember that I was considering leading out, pretty much for the reasons you mentioned (which I didn't formulate as eloquently and thorughly in my head though). I believe I decided against it because he has been cbetting every single time on the small sample. But for overall playability and value we should lead the flop, I agree. Thank you for the well phrased and detailed analysis :)
  • Blackjed


    very useful as usually. Waiting for next part.
  • SPW1337


    jesus, always a open window and we cant see the action. but nvm, nice vid.
  • fun101rockets


    ply less tables or make a session review imo.
    during the hand (minute ten) when J10 hit a str8 on the river i like betting $25 rather than shoving b/c random fish are more likely to call for $25 than for a full stack.
  • anplayer01


    Arnold the terminator i love this guy!sounds like he will terminate all his opponents lol
  • usun


    nice video, but it would be nice to cover stats used, just briefly, as I got PT3 and can only guess about indicators
  • Maniatrix


    It would be better if you concentrated on talking about the hand we are actually seeing in progress...