Mixed Major Tournaments - Part 8

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • Fullring
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Jonathan Little plays a monstersession on PokerStars and made part 8 of a 10 part series of different Tournaments with Buy-ins from $36 up to $5.000.


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  • Konti23


    Have fun with the video!
  • hardgainer


    на англицком :-(
  • mjsa111


    lol@ suckouts!! wtf...
  • Straate


    schockt =)
  • HOlb


    sick sick sick
  • Schwoicha


    LOL jokerstars obv
  • 7high


    we get there, then un-get there!
  • Kasperkopf


    allways nh,Sir
  • cromicron


    I dont like u saying that the call with the JJ ist bad. If u reraise JJ almost all worse hands will folds and no better hand will. Besides u can induce a squeezel - just like it happened. So calling JJ isnt so bad like u said. It's definitly not "horrific"
  • fun101rockets


    i agree: learning how to lose is very important in becoming a solid poker player. i also tried taking extended breaks and also felt tilt when i came back b/c i Expected to win.
    barry.g is known for c.betting every flop so i guess thats exploitable but is still kinda profitable against randm fish
  • andybandy008



    love your Videos
  • Njeng


    33+88 misplayed quite a bit i think, but besides of that really nice video (33 c/rAI massive overpush w/ flopped boat + 88 squeezepush with bad image in the easiest setminespot of the world, where the table has been nitting it up). your thoughts about swings, mindsetting, the poker daily routine and live play are always nuts! also i sometimes like to see these live videos instead of a replayer one, because you always watch your villains very closely making assumptions about them and spotting tells. also one can feel like playing the session himself, always thinking about: "how would i have played this hand?" whereas in a replayer video you often hear phrases like "depending on your image/reads/notes/tableflow", whilst that information is missing.