Bet sizing - How much do you bet and why

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Steinek talks about bet sizing in SnGs, how much to bet and why.


betsize Theory Video

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  • Batsi99


    Schönes Video
  • leonator3


  • Lianidaz


    worth to see for new ppl...
  • delamas


    best author vods for bronze. Im Russian but understand all u say. Best coach!
  • navigator75


    Thanks for your time in making this video Steinek. It fits well with the training article. I have found that at the lower stakes, the protection bet is not so effective as the opponent does not think too often of the odds, especially with the flush draw. I find it incredibly difficult to get many players to lay their two hearts down. If I make it too much to see the turn then I am committed and if it is less, they seem to think it is cheap enough to call...or push. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on dealing with this.
  • HeilLoki


  • Furkatpoker


    I like your videos too steinek, they're quite good, I improve my game working on elementary stuff you tell =)
  • phishphood


    I face the same problem as navigator75 and would like to know thoughts on that too.

  • Termis


    Same problem here lol
  • Phlegmatik


    It's a nice video, steinek! Thanks a lot!
  • L3ST


    Great video.


    Bem, existe algo que eu nao entendo aqui...
    porque razao no terceiro exemplo ele nao aposta as 4 BB + 1 ?! Pq so aposta 3 BB? Será pelas blindas estarem mais altas? Mas seim, quando passar das 4BB para as 3 BB ? Nunca li nada sobre isso!! Quem ler isto e me puder responder, por favor (se nao for pedir mto) respondam por msg privada, pois de tantos videos que ando a ver, nunca mais vou descobrir este video outra vez para ler aqui a resposta...Se houver outra forma de procurar uma lista dos nossos comments a estes videos, tb agradeço que me informem. :D
  • s3xas


    good video
  • xcyberkidx


    a visionary explanation 2 lure your opponent's chip...nice explanation...
  • Supo


    nice video ty
  • steinek


    @1: You are absolutely right, the reason for betting sufficiently high so that he cannot play his draws profitably ist not because I think he knows about odds and will therefore fold.
    The reason is that he commits a mistake in case he calls anyway and therefore we win chips in the long run.
    Most of the time we are the only one in the pot thinking about odds and outs and therefore it is our task to prevent the opponents to play correctly by chossing appropriate betsizes.
    In case you commit yourself with a protectionbet, you can just push it all in.
  • Heave112


    Nice video :)
  • pumahulk


    very good video. Thank you
  • pporsche


    Uma das razões pode ter sido o facto das blinds estarem mais altas, mas isso é um tema muito vasto e com vários pontos de vista, algo ao qual te vais habituar no futuro com muitas horas passadas a jogar. De qualquer forma essa aposta de 3BB não é uma regra, não tem obrigatoriamente de ser seguida, se continuares a usar a linha das 4BB+1BB estás a jogar correctamente, e em Micro Limites não tem grande influência no decorrer do jogo.

    Paulo "pporsche" Moreira
  • marouanehasbi


    i think we all face the same problem with loose callers that are not playing outs and odds but more "feelings" lol! but as said steinek, i think its more profitable for us in the long run. ty for the video!
  • kiromanAAKK


    I have found this video very interesting and useful at the some time. Thank you very much. I hope you would like to prize us with some more of your precious experience and knowledge. Once again thanks Steinek.
  • VBZg


    Very usefull, ty, hope you do it some more in the close future.
  • AJAbitbol


    Achei o vídeo muito bom. Gostaria de saber qual o nível para jogar? Pois, os exemplos e a teoria praticamente não se aplicacnos jogos on line, onde existem muitos looses, que não possuem uma estratégia. Refiro-me principalmente a c-bet.

  • themagpiespg


    Nice video but I think u should have raised the 6's pre flop as it will play better hu, plus I would like to know if the villian called ur blocking bet on the river.
  • steinek


    @11: Raising 66 from MP1 is too loose on this limit. You are right that a heads-up pot plays way better when we are the aggressor, however, the problem is there will hardly be a heads-up pot since the opponents just call your raises too loose.
    Therefore limping, having several opponents and thus very good chances on a payoff when hitting the set is imo the best line.
    I cannot tell you what the opponent did since these are invented examples. However, it doesn't matter as well as we always play against the whole range of an opponent and not against a single hand. Therefore the interesting question is not what happens in a particular situation but how our EV will be long term.
  • themagpiespg


    :Thanks for reply look forward to ur next video.
  • Snoddas


    Great video.
    One question though: At ~21 minutes you are talking about protection bets. However, by betting 350 into a 435 pot you are giving the villain potodds of ~30,8% which would mean that he should call with a straight draw (35% chance).
    Am I missing something here?
  • Snoddas


    Sorry, error above: should be flush draw not straight draw.
  • steinek


    @14: You have 35% chance of hitting your flush on turn OR river. If he knew you check the turn then he could call profitably but as he cannot be sure about this. The decisive number is how often he hits his flush on the turn (calling your flopbet he only "buys" the turn)which is in 9 of 47 cases, so not even 20%.
  • ShogunNinja


    Thanks for the video very nice :D
  • borisevich


    hey, nice video.

    I would like to ask you a question, if on the river heads up my opponents stack is 875 and the pot is 1280, and instead of betting all in he bets 500, what is he representing?

  • martoman2k10


    #33 he is commiting himself so it's either a huge hand or it's complete bluff to get you off your hand and win a pretty big pot
  • josecarneiro032


    Thanks ;)
  • KnowHung


    Awesome video. Thanks!