Climbing the stakes - Part 4

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $2/$4
  • Shorthanded
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In the fourth part of his video series, Opabumbi plays a live session on two $2/$4 tables at room Poker.


Climbing the Stakes Live Video series

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  • mika78


  • wuerstchenwilli


    Is KJ in SB-Position at 16:50 an easy fold? We have about 45% EQ. Is it not enough because we act OOP? What about KJs (48,5%)?
  • wuerstchenwilli


    Min 24 donkbet:
    What do u expect him to have? If he has a 7, he either has 78, or 76, or 7A or 7K, doesn't he? Even with a FD he might have A or K.Therefore I would fold the River ui.
    Min 30:
    There are only 2 Qs and 2 Js left so there are only 2 not 4 combos that beat u.
    KK-Hand of feitschuh is standard I think.
    J9s SB:
    If BB is a fish (let's say VPIP 60) would u prefer raise or CC?
    All together I liked the video allthough there weren't really tough spots. The sound is a bit in front of the video.
  • wuerstchenwilli


    sorry, of course the sound is not in front but ahead or however u say...
    It is postpones, u know what I mean.
  • opabumbi


    @3 for a 3bet in the SB you need about 48% equity. Agains an COraiser KJo should be a stantard fold if hes not over aggressive. especially on high rake limits like 24 36 5/T and lower

    min 24 hard to say. straightdraws, FD, maybe random trash. I dont put him on a strong hand and i dont think he would donk acehigh and kinghigh, becauase this has SDvalue
    and the K polarizes his range in my eyes. a random 24 player is problably rather bad and i dont expect him to valuebet a small pair

    - min 30. right yeah, 2 combos. happens if you have to talk, play and calculate smth. at the same time in a foreign language ;)

    -J9s hand, no idea there is no timestamp
  • taavi1337


    Nice video.
  • Waiboy


    I like the two table format.. it allows for a more complete discussion with less distraction of ongoing action.. by preference session reviews >> live play!